It’s Friday again—or is it already—and I consider pulling together another Friday’s Fave Five post but can’t muster the effort.

It’s been a week. One of those weeks. A week that included a meltdown precipitated by lack of sleep, lack of routine, and no lack of overthinking. Throw in a dash of the news cycle, a virus breathing putrid breath through sneering, curled lips revealing chipped and yellowing teeth, and the concern about new restrictions and how that will all play out and it’s a recipe for something not too palatable.

Instead, I stand at the kitchen window and watch snow dance like feathers and listen to the scrape of my neighbour’s snow shovel on the sidewalk.

Then I walk to the living room window that overlooks our back yard (and a ridge hidden in low cloud this morning) and smile at the shoveled pathways in the snow on our neighbour’s back lawn for their dogs (such shoveling happens on a much smaller scale on our back lawn for Maya and Murphy).

I sit down on the sofa, curl up under a Sherpa blanket, and listen to the soft snore of tiny Murphy who is curled up under his own little blanket next to me while I read a few words, pray a few prayers, and sip soy milky frothy coffee.

The pup shifts position, puts his chin on my arm, and looks up at me with dark pools of Yorkie eyes for a moment before closing them and returning to rest. I close my own eyes, wrap my hands around a warm mug, and breathe prayer.

It’s been another discombobulated and difficult week and reflecting back to mine five nuggets seems too hard. But in the moments I’ve taken to tap out these words I’ve pondered five immediate things so surely there’s a list of Friday’s Fave Five lurking somewhere.

Ah, but it will remain in the imagining because this morning I’m choosing the present. This moment in front of me. Having stepped lightly through my morning liturgy, I linger in the now, and rest in the peace of the moment.


I’m a writer, reader, and creative. I thought by now I’d have things figured out, but I keep coming up with more questions. I think that’s okay. I’m here most mornings pondering ordinary things.
  1. Sending love and hugs after a difficult week I wish they could be in person ?

    1. So good to see you and Jeannie sewing together yesterday, Karen. Creativity abounds, even in this season of….whatever it is. Sending love and hugs back.

  2. Thank you for this lovely bit of centering. I find myself doing the same…petting the cat, staring out the window, sipping my tea, reading my morning devotional…hoping this means less mental stress for both/all of us. Being present.

    1. Yes, these present moments are grounding and centering and, I suspect, what we needed all along.

  3. My week was fraught as well, but I sold some books after a long lull. I love your musings, especially this line: watch snow dance like feathers. Won’t happen in Florida, but the sun came out after tropical storm Eta passed. Enjoy your snuggly weekend!

    1. I’m sorry for your tumultuous week, Marian, but thrilled with the book sales. I’ve been encouraged that new readers have discovered my work in recent weeks too. I’m glad Eta has passed by and you have a return to sunshine. I expect it lifts the spirits!

  4. I get this! My week was similar to yours, especially in pandemic surges, mind boggling numbers of new cases, a return to earlier restrictions. Heavy news stuff. Thanks for sharing words that were worthy of my reading and yes, centering myself to begin again. Enjoy your Yorkies and snuggles!

    1. Seems many of us had one of THOSE weeks. Here’s to fresh starts and snuggles!

  5. Thank you for taking me along, I feel as though I centered with you;) Such a lovely read. The photo looks like a sugar village.

    1. The light was “just so” on that day. It was a sweet gift.

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