Monday, August 6, 2018 – Evening Reflection

When we lose one blessing, another is often most unexpectedly given in its place.

 C.S. Lewis

It’s an ordinary moment; the best ones are. Makiya is tucked into bed with a book, I’m on the couch nursing a back in spasm, and Laurinda is sitting on the floor folding laundry. We’re chatting and half-watching an old TV program, one that was a favourite of both of ours in another life, on Amazon Prime

This is our last evening together for now. In the early morning my girls will head home, wrapping up Camp G and G and Girl’s Weekend. I am full and fat with blessing and gratitude and ice cream.

I am proud of this laundry-folding daughter who has walked a rocky path on her way to this ordinary moment. I am proud of Ladybug Girl who surprised me by finishing all but one of the many library books she chose while here, who has grown stronger and more confident in her gymnastics routines thanks to her constant practice and encouragement from her grandfather “coach”, and who is the bright and shining light of my life.

In the morning the bittersweet sting of saying goodbye for now will, for a brief moment, overtake the sweetness of this ordinary moment, and those other ordinary and extraordinary moments of the past three weeks. For now, there is just simple happy gratitude. As Makiya says: hashtag blessed.

Abundantly—oh, so abundantly—hashtag blessed.

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This month, I’m posting a link every day to a blog from the eclectic collection I read regularly. Today, it’s the lovely and gentle Minding My Nest (

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