Monday, Monday

I’m having a quiet, albeit busy, Monday morning. With Makiya at school, Laurinda and work, and Gerry out hiking, it’s just me, Maya, Murphy (who, incidentally, joined our family one year ago today), and a pretty kitty named Chica who is still adjusting to being a Kamloopsian.

Earlier, the dogs and the cat declared a truce, agreeing the living room was a conflict-free zone for the time being, and settled in for morning naps. I had to take photos to capture the occasion. They reflect Maya’s disgruntled attitude about the whole cat thing.

Supper boiled over in the oven the other night so one of my tasks today was to clean the oven. I don’t know who invented self-cleaning ovens but I tip my hat to them whoever they are. When the cleaning cycle started, predictably, there was some smoke in the kitchen. I pulled out the air purifier and decided that it was as good a time as any to deal with the garlic harvest that’s been taking up space in my laundry room.

Fast forward a few hours and the garlic has been peeled, washed, minced, and tucked away in the freezer. The cleaning cycle is finished and I’m waiting for it to cool down so I can wipe out the oven. I’ve unloaded the dishwasher. The pets are sleeping again. Soon, Laurinda will arrive home for lunch break (she comes home at lunch not for lunch and, when we’re lucky, we have an opportunity for a few minutes of mother/daughter time in the middle of the day).

This afternoon? Maybe I’ll get lost in a book or tap out a few words on the piece I’m working on for writing group. It’s a good day. It’s a good life.


I’m a writer, reader, and creative. I thought by now I’d have things figured out, but I keep coming up with more questions. I think that’s okay. I’m here most mornings pondering ordinary things and the thin places where faith intersects.

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