More questions than answers

The world is changing, and with change comes a new set of questions.

I have started using those reusable bags for my purchases when I get groceries. (well…when I remember to bring them in from the car!). I have a few from two of the places where I shop most often, but I find myself with a dilemma. If my reusable bag says “Fred Meyer”, is it okay to use it in “Top Foods”?

If I get to the point where I am using the reusable bags exclusively, what am I going to use for garbage bags?

We use disposable “pee pads” for our yorkies. Are they just as bad as disposable diapers as far as spending eternity in the landfills?

We’re trying to print documents only when absolutely necessary at work. I find, and I’m not alone in this one, that a printed document is easier for this fifty year old brain to process than trying to read from a computer screen. Is the potential for decreased comprehension worth the price of a piece of paper?

Do I have to take my own cup to Starbucks in order to feel environmentally conscious? I really like those disposable cups they give us – its part of the Starbucks experience for me.

Despite warnings to cut back wherever possible, are we helping or hurting the economy when we stop doing things that support small local business? I think of all the nail salons that are lost business lately because women are cutting back on manicures and pedicures. Are we making things worse by driving people out of business?

I certainly don’t have all the answers. I’m just thankful that I know the One who does. It’s true that some of these questions are tongue-in-cheek but I really have spent time thinking about these things.
Do you every have questions about our ever-changing world?

I’m a writer, reader, and creative. I thought by now I’d have things figured out, but I keep coming up with more questions. I think that’s okay. I’m here most mornings pondering ordinary things and the thin places where faith intersects.
  1. I bring my own shopping bags when I shop 98% of the time, except when I go to Braums they have paper bags with handles, and I use them when I am pulling weeds in the garden, they sit up nicely and the paper will not stay in the landfill for eternity, I also use the paper bags for a drop cloth when painting small projects, I save old socks for dusting and such, but you have a point when we cut back on some things we hurt others business’, I guess all we can do is the best we can do, remember the MOM and POP business’ when you need something, they are the one’s that get hurt the worse. Get your nails done, they need your support too!

  2. I share many of your concerns. I’m a nature nut and try to be “green” wherever and whenever possible. There always seems to be a ripple effect, like you mention, about how it affects the economy and businesses.

  3. Yep, I use the canvas bags, too. I shop at WalMart mostly and unashamedly use whatever bags I have, regardless of size or logo. I usually volunteer to pack the bags myself, though, because the cashiers tend to be cranky if I make them do it. I think I should get a discount on my groceries for doing their job!

    When I think about balance between economy and environment, I always err on the side of environment. The economy will come and go, wax and wane, but we only have one environment and it’s our responsibility to be good stewards. If we mess up the planet badly enough, the economy won’t really matter much! I keep thinking of what the Earth looked like in Wall-E and although that’s just a movie, and the writers were exaggerating for effect, if we can’t be responsible, there’s always the potential for that kind of eventuality.

  4. Interesting question. There’s a flipside to everything, and sometimes “fixes” are worse than the problem they’re supposed to fix.

    I suppose, for me, it’s all about good stewardship, and using wisdom when making choices. I’m not quite ready to embrace a fully green lifestyle, but I have found myself thinking long and hard about what I do/don’t do, or spend.


  5. Very good questions. I, too, use the disposable puppy pads for little Caesar. If someone could answer that question, I would really appreciate it. And the one about the reusable bags in different stores. Is it okay to use a Wal-Mart bag in K-Mart? That would be equivalent to wearing an Auburn shirt at an Alabama football game for us folks in the South.

  6. I don’t take my own bags cause I never know how many I would need and I use them for garbage bags otherwise I’d have to buy those too? Some good questions and I ponder similar stuff. As you said, thankfully, He has all the answers but it would be nice to have some of them now!:)

  7. I do whatever I can, including taking my resuable bags to the store. I think it’s neat that my grown kids will tell, me “hey mom. I use so and so product because it’s green”. I’ve been going green for 30 years. I used cloth diapers when my kids were babies but I had a diaper service. Some argued that the the detergents used for washing were just as bad as disposable diapers. I didn’t agree but we have to do what works for us as long as stewardship is on our mind.

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