My day to be cranky

For no particular reason I woke up feeling cranky this morning. 

Perhaps it’s because yesterday was the first day of spring and it was beautiful!  Then, last night, we woke to the sound of rain again. 

Here are some pictures I took in the yard yesterday.

Spring…come back…..!


I’m a writer, reader, and creative. I thought by now I’d have things figured out, but I keep coming up with more questions. I think that’s okay. I’m here most mornings pondering ordinary things.
  1. I woke up cranky too cause it was nice here yesterday and now it is rainy! Same thing plus I have to go back to a job I hate tomorrow and it is my birthday and no one will know there. Whine whine:)

  2. Understand! We got snow:( I'm so ready to work in my garden!!

  3. Beautiful photos! Everything looks just lovely. I can't wait for spring either…we've had a lot of rain this year already!

  4. Terri – Early birthday hugs to you!
    Kara – Snow?! That's just wrong!
    Carmen – Rain gets old after a while, doesn't it?!

  5. We're having rain too. Heavy at times. My daffodils are up but not blooming yet. I love seeing everything come to life!

  6. great photos…it was 72 here on Friday…rain on Saturday then it turned to snow….Spring where are you????

  7. Well, now we know, Terri–have a happy birthday and a blessed year.

    Linda, it was so windy & cold here today and rained all day yesterday. Yuk! Time for Spring to decide to stay!

  8. Signs of spring, new life, resurrection! Should help with the crankiness and the middle-of-the-night helicopters!


  9. I think we will all feel better when spring/summer are in full swing. Tell me we will. 🙂

  10. spring will return! love your pics…especially the wind-blown yorkie!! 🙂

  11. Patty – It is amazing watching life return in the spring!
    Deb – That's quite a range in weather from 72 to snow! I am in the Pacific Northwest.
    Sid – Yes it is definitely time for spring to stay. I've had enough cool weather – I'm ready for barefeet and pedicures!
    Elaine – LOL – I'm sure that the spring fever will help cranky old me!
    Journalling Woman – We will – we have to!
    Mariel – thank you for stopping by!

  12. Winter keeps bouncing back for us. Yesterday was close to 70, and we're expecting snow this afternoon. The temps have dropped considerable.

    A good day for a cuppa tea and a book!

    BTW,I'm having a book giveaway at my place.:o)

  13. Love the last pic. Looks like you spiked her hair!

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