My Writing Life – My Reading Life

I have always been an avid reader.

Some of my most comforting and strongest memories of being a child involve books: curling up on a Saturday morning with a Rupert Bear book from the school library; poring over Scholastic book order forms to choose the best books and the delicious anticipation of waiting for them to arrive; sitting on a chair in the kitchen reading Joseph and the Coat of Many Colors with a lump in my throat and tears in my eyes.

I still have many of the books I read as a child like Mr. Pudgins, The Bobbsey Twins at the Lakeshore, The Velvet Room and Old Charlie.  I look forward to sharing them with my grandchildren one day; I hope they like them as much as I did.

I remain an avid reader to this day; my home is filled with books. In addition to reading actual books, I read eBooks on my Kindle, my iPad, and I’ve even been known to read on my smartphone. I am an incurable and happy bibliophile.

I read because I love the written word; I love the cadence of a finely tuned sentence; I love the fact that words can touch something deep within me and bring me to tears or laughter. Through the written word I can be transported to places I will never have an opportunity to visit; I can learn about people I will never have an opportunity to meet. Words can teach me about another person’s point of view and have the potential to change my mind about an issue.

I write because I love the written word; I enjoy playing with words to make them say what I want them to; I find fulfillment in letting words flow out of me onto paper or a computer screen. Recently I was going through some writing I did many years ago and I came across this from 1983. “Sometimes I hold my feelings in too long and I overflow onto paper.”  Not much has changed since then.

I hope one day the words in my memoir will touch something in someone that will make a difference; that is why I write.

By the way my interview with Jennifer Lauck, author of Found, is over at Story Circle Book Reviews. Found touched my emotions, showed me another perspective, and educated me. I hope you will pop over and read the interview; Jennifer has much to teach us about adoption.

Now let me hear from you. Why do you write? Why do you read? What books do you remember from your childhood?


I’m a writer, reader, and creative. I thought by now I’d have things figured out, but I keep coming up with more questions. I think that’s okay. I’m here most mornings pondering ordinary things and the thin places where faith intersects.
  1. I write a couple of blogs, that’s it. I love to read, though. When you’ve written your memoirs, I look forward to reading them! Reading allows me to be in another person’s world and stay for awhile…

  2. I read the interview – and as you know, it had to touch me since I was adopted by my stepmother. Being taken from your birth mother does affect you even when/if you don’t recognize this – even if it is never addressed within the new family unit. My two brothers and I were never told, or had explained to us, that we may have certain feelings or need to recognize certain things/emotions about ourselves since our mother did give us up.

    You know from Tender Graces that I explore this mother-daughter-stepmother thing – and though it is fiction, I am sure I was delving into some things inside my own heart.

  3. I remember Mr. Pudgens…. I actually still have my book…I always looked forward to the scholastic books…and also when my kids got them….they love books also…now little britches….a family tradition…

  4. Dear Linda,
    I certainly can relate to your love of reading and writing! I had a great-aunt who nurtured my love of reading by enrollign me in a Book-of-the-Month club and I can remember the excitement of receiving those books in the mail and wondering who would I learn about each month-Marco Polo, Pocohontas,Captain Hook. At some point this love translated into writing as I would write plays to perform in front of my maternal grandmother,Nan, and her friends. You’re taking me down memory lane here!

    I enjoyed your indepth interview with Jennifer Lauck as well about her heartwrenching journey through the adoptive process and the importance of “mother love”. It is a very important topic that will touch many people who need it. I’m sure your memoir will do the same.

    Write On!

  5. I write for my soul. I read for my mind.

  6. I’ve always enjoyed reading and writing. I can remember putting down poetic lines in grade school and enjoying every English class much more than math class! My Father was a wonderful writer and poet and my Sister has a gift for writing….I don’t think I actually have a gift for it, just an enjoyment of it! I’m never without a book…at work on breaks or lunch I’m the one in the corner eating and reading. This blog thing has been fun and I’ve really enjoyed reading others good works, like yours!

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