New Residents at the Worm Hotel

I have to confess I was excited as I drove home from work today because I knew the worms were scheduled to arrive today or tomorrow.

This little box was sitting at my front door when I arrived home. I have to confess I was a tad nervous to open it. How did one send worms? What would I find when I opened the box?

So I waited until Gerry got home.

Tucked inside of the box was a Ziploc bag. I needn’t have worried.

Upon closer inspection I could see some of the red wigglers in the bag.

I held the door to the garage open for Gerry while he relocated the Worm Hotel to the garage. I held the door open for him again while he carried the bag of worms to the garage and gently dumped them into the worm hotel.

Sleep tight little worms. Welcome to your new home.

(Pay no attention to the messy garage. And yes, those are US and Canadian flags on the shelf. Come spring they’ll be in my plant pots in the front yard.)

The manual that came with the Worm Hotel says the worms may be stressed after their journey. No doubt. We’re to leave the light on tonight to encourage them to burrow in the bedding we prepared.

Let the composting begin!

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