Off and Running

Well, I did it. I paid my money, attended my first meeting, had my first official weigh in (don’t ask), and am now officially on Weight Watchers. This is the third round for me and once again I am filled with hope that this time I will not only reach my goal but find the secret to maintaining my new weight.

I have a closet full of clothes that I can no longer wear, nice clothes, perfectly good clothes. Even though we have a skiff of snow on the ground this week I am thinking ahead to spring and considering my favorite capri pants that I know I wouldn’t be able to wear right now.

No longer can I kid myself into believing that perhaps my thyroid isn’t functioning as it should, or my cholesterol medication is the culprit, the fact is that I am older, my metabolism has naturally slowed down and without drastic measure I will not live my healthiest life.

So, I have the Weight Watchers Points Plus tracker on my smart phone so I can track points and calculate food values on the go, I have my trusty Wii set up for after-work work outs on my Wii Fit, I’m going to buy the Wii Active program this weekend. I’m ready to go. The faces of my grandchildren are my motivation – I want to be healthy enough to enjoy watching them grow up (but not too quickly).

So I’m off and running (so to speak). Wish me luck!


I’m a writer, reader, and creative. I thought by now I’d have things figured out, but I keep coming up with more questions. I think that’s okay. I’m here most mornings pondering ordinary things and the thin places where faith intersects.
  1. Good for you Lynda! A person sure feels better when they’re a healthy weight. I’m with you too…but doing it online at Live Strong.

    1. Good luck to both of us, Carmen!

  2. I love your new blog. It has been fun to connect on FB, but I still love reading the original blogs. I do wish you good luck. I am thinking if I am going to fit into my favorite capris I am going to have to do the same thing!

    1. Christy! Welcome to the new digs!

  3. First, let me just say how much I appreciate your warm & empowering comments on Shayla’s blog, as well as your FB post about it.

    Now … about weight loss. Until I turned 40, I ate nearly everything in sight with nary an extra ounce. That all changed when perio-menopause set in; so for the past 23+ years I’ve had to be really careful about what I put in my mouth. I applaud your efforts as I know how discouraging it is to wiggle into something that used to go on easy, and look great.

    Blessings & great success!

    1. Hi Kathleen

      Shayla’s blog touched my heart in many ways.

      I know what you mean about weight loss…or lack thereof…when I was younger I was slender like my daughter is now but all that changed for me too. All I can say is “enjoy it while it lasts girls” because weight seems to become a challenge for all of us at some point.


  4. Best of luck!! Jude

    1. Thanks Jude!

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