Photo Friday – Halloween!

I love this photo of my daughter taken last night. Rosie the Riveter: a symbol of women’s empowerment, courage, and strength dating from the World War II years and still relevant today.

I got the bandanna for Laurinda when I purchased Rosie’s Daughters by Matilda Butler and Kendra Bonnett from Women’s Memoirs and I never dreamed she’d go the whole way and don a Rosie costume one day. I love her “I can do anything” expression!

Being the kind of fanatical grandma that I am I couldn’t let the day pass without showing you some of the grand photos from last night. How blessed we are to live in a world of technology that allows grandparents to stay in touch with what’s happening with their grands!

Jaxon as Spiderman!


Makiya as Rocket Girl (I love the Princess Leia hairstyle!)

And for her first Halloween, Peyton as a baby cow.

I’m off to Canada this weekend to attend the Forget Me Not Family Society’s fall workshop and looking forward to seeing Brian Stanton’s performance of his one man play, Blank. I’m sure I’ll have lots to share about the weekend when I get home.

Happy weekend all!


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  1. LOVE the photos!!! 🙂
    I miss those days with our kids….so much fun!

  2. Dear Linda, have a wonderful time away and enjoy the play! I look forward to your postings about it. And thank you for sharing your grandchildren with us. Those costumes probably tell us a lot about your two older grandchildren. Especially if they choose what to wear! Peace.

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