Surviving Winter At The Worm Hotel

It was a beautiful day here in the ‘Loops and we took advantage of the afternoon to head down to our community garden plot to do a bit of prep for the season ahead. I’m anticipating putting peas in the ground before the end of the month.

When we returned to Canada last year I was looking forward to our first winter back in the homeland. I’m done with it now. I was done with it a couple of months ago truth be told, and I’m ready for spring and warmer weather.

It was warm enough this afternoon that I dragged the worm hotel out of its winter abode in the garage and did some maintenance. I had to abandon my worm herd (Flock? Brood? Swarm? I’ve no idea what a big bunch of worms is called.) before we left Washington and started with a fresh Canadian batch last spring.

Last fall, I tucked the worm hotel into the corner of the garage and hoped for the best. There were only a couple of cold spells that prompted us to bring the worm hotel into the house for a few days until it warmed up outside. The red wigglers slowed down production during the cold winter months but they’ve survived quite nicely in the garage.

This afternoon I harvested (?) a big bucket of vermicompost, moved the sluggish worms into a single tray, and served them a fresh batch of kitchen scraps. They seemed happy enough.

I’ll start feeding them more now that the weather is warming up and they’ll oblige by increasing in number, consuming more, and creating even more great compost for my garden.

So, with the official start to Spring just a few days away, I’m declaring victory over winter. Gerry and I have survived our first winter back in Canada as have the red wigglers. Bring on spring!


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  1. A wiggly sequel I see. Yes, bring on spring!

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