Seasons….and Sunday dinner

Ecclesiastes 3:1 says “To everything there is a season, a time for every purpose under heaven.” This afternoon I have been thinking about the different seasons in my life with respect to Sunday dinner.

A few years ago we lived in the same city as two, sometimes three, of our children. I cooked Sunday dinner, and whoever could make it did. Those were rich times in my life.

This afternoon, Gerry spent some time at his office, and I was working on a few projects at home. None of our children are expected, in fact none of our children are in the same country that we are in!

I have just come upstairs from preparing something in the slow-cooker that I will put on for tomorrow, and I put a casserole in the oven for us to eat tonight. Gerry is reading a new Clive Cussler that we picked up at Costco yesterday, and I’m just preparing this post.

Our season has changed. Still, we rejoice in the blessings we have now, have much gratitude for those that we had in the past, and anticipate the wonderful things that God will do in the future!


I’m a writer, reader, and creative. I thought by now I’d have things figured out, but I keep coming up with more questions. I think that’s okay. I’m here most mornings pondering ordinary things and the thin places where faith intersects.
  1. What a nice Season sentiment, looks like many special dinners happened in that dining room. The season might be quiet right now, but the winds of change often stir things up!

  2. The Sunday routines of my childhood rival those of my own adult years. Dad fixed b'fast and everyone gathered before church. Mom always had yummy meals and equally yummy desserts (lemon merinque pie was my fav), and sometimes guests would join us. It warms me still to think of it, and them.

    I enjoyed meals with our children, and then their spouses & the grandchildren too. We moved to AZ 9 years ago, so now my Sunday table is often surrounded by guests, or it may just be hubby & me sharing a more humble morsel. A different season, as you say.

    Thanks for taking me back a ways. It's a precious way to begin this new day.


  3. Sunday family dinners are the best, I was actually thinking about that yesterday and decided to cook a big meal, my daughter, adopted daughter (friend of my daughters) and my Mom came, my son and soon to be wife weren’t able to come, but we had a nice evening, my husband got to eat with 4 females…lucky him

  4. Love family dinners! When most of our relatives live far away, we often don’t get a chance to share those dinners, that we all enjoyed and treasured.

  5. Great post! My life has changed in that regard, too. Sundays used to be a day to go to church, go out to eat with my family, then go visit our relatives. Now that I live so far away, Sundays are pretty low-key.

  6. Oh! I miss Sunday Suppers — I haven’t done that with family in so very very long….you now gave me a wonderful thing to think about….

  7. I remember when I was a girl, how much I looked forward to the weekends. My dad would cook us breakfast and Saturday and Sunday mornings and my mom would have a nice big Sunday dinner. I always loved how our family came together and look back on it as a blessing. Since I’ve been married, we haven’t really been able to spend much time with either of our families, but we’ve started making sure that on Sunday’s we make a nice big brunch to share with each other and our pups. It’s become something that I treasure.

  8. A nice reminder that we need to appreciate whatever season we’re in, as change is always in the wings.

    I noticed the Nancy Noel print on your wall. She’s a favorite of mine, I have two of her prints.

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