Serenity in Starbucks?

My car had to go in for some quick work today so we made arrangements that I would drop it off after work, head down to Starbucks, and Gerry would pick me up after he got out of work.  It was a great plan – a Carmel Macchiato, my notebook and favorite pen, and an hour or so to write.  What could be better?

All went well until I arrived at Starbucks and sat down at an out-of-the way table and pulled out my notebook.  The place was hopping, but I am pretty good at tuning out background noice when I have to, so I wasn’t worried about being able to write.

Then I saw, and heard, a young boy.  Now you know that I love little ones; I don’t fault this little boy in the least for his behavior.  His mom sat in one of these big soft chairs they have in Starbucks chatting away to a friend while her child ran wild.  He played with the door while she weakly chastened him and took no action to actually make the behavior stop.  He hid around a corner and called at the top of his lungs for his Mom to come and find him. At one point she took him to the bathroom and when his business in there was finished, he came running out of that room leaving the door to slam behind him, screaming yet again.

I was sorely tempted at one point to stand up and chasten the child myself. 

I didn’t; I did my best to ignore the undesirable behavior.  I did get some writing done, but my nerves were frazzled by the time Gerry arrived to pick me up. It wasn’t quite the serene picture I had imagined it would be.


I’m a writer, reader, and creative. I thought by now I’d have things figured out, but I keep coming up with more questions. I think that’s okay. I’m here most mornings pondering ordinary things.
  1. Awww, just when you needed it most though?! Sorry to hear, I know how much you must have been looking forward to that time. Hard as it is sometimes, those wonderful little ones can be sooo testing/trying huh?! Love you

  2. Too bad the opportunity for writing was interrupted. I honestly can't tell which is more irritating to me in this sort of situation–the child or the mom. Sure, she probably needed some down time too, but in this case, it was at the expense of the other customers. Maybe if she'd thought to bring a toy or book. Starbucks is not really a child's play place. I'm not totally unsympathetic. I can remember days when I was sure that if I didn't hear an adult voice… It's not easy.

  3. I'm sorry it worked out that way. The mom should have taken care of her son or left. I can't write anyways unless it is totally quiet!

  4. Oh my! I really hate it when other mothers seem to ignore their children and let them ruin everyone else's peace! I always tried to keep my kids under some kind of control when they were out in public. Wonder if I was successful?

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