She’s Still My Ladybug Girl. (And it’s still too hot.)

We broke another heat record yesterday with the temperature reaching 45.8C / 114 F. Worse, a forest fire broke out just northwest of our city that is now 180 hectares and burning out of control. It’s hard to believe it’s only June.

So, of course, it’ll be another mostly indoor day. I’m planning on hunkering down and getting things done in the woman cave.

In other news, I received photos from our granddaughter’s end-of-year school party. Love them. Love her. And I can’t believe how quickly the years go by. She looks so much like her mama. Got to peek at her report card and my favourite comment was “In Makiya’s spare time she writes stories.” Of course she does. That’s my girl. 🙂

I wish I had something more to write about this morning but, really, it’s all about the heat these days. I’ll be back tomorrow with (hopefully) regularly scheduled programming (though it will still be hot, hot, hot).

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