Spring Is In The Air

Over the weekend I put together the little fairy garden pictured above. It’s a whimsical project I was inspired to do when we are at the Flower and Garden show earlier this year. I’m practicing for when we move closer to the grandchildren; I want to create a home filled with wonder and whimsy they will love to visit.

Spring seems to be everywhere. I felt it as I appreciated getting my hands in the soil to plant this little garden; I felt it this morning when I was witness to a brand new brood of little yellow goslings out for a walk with their Canadian Geese parents; I felt it when I came out of the office this afternoon and felt the sunshine kiss the top of my head as I walked to the car.

As much as I love the sunshine I sometimes wonder if I would appreciate it as much as I do if every day was the same. If every day of my life was sunny and warm, if I could play in the garden whenever I wanted, would I appreciate it as much as I do? I would like to answer that question affirmatively but I know myself better than that. Often it takes a change, a shift from the ordinary, to cause my attention to shift to a mode of gratitude. I would like to say that I am thankful in all circumstances but that wouldn’t be true. At times I get weighted down with the cares of this world, with the relentless rain that falls in the form of worry, and I forget the rain is temporary.

So today, as I appreciate the awakening of the earth into spring I give a nod to winter, to the rainy season, and say adieu. I know you’ll return eventually and I will try to remember to be thankful when that day comes. 

But today, it’s spring!

What are you enjoying about spring this year?

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  1. that is so cute…

  2. A bit of “grandma whimsey”!

  3. What a sweet arrangement! A perfect thing to create on a rare spring day.

  4. I love whimsy the older I get! Yes, especially for grandkids! Lovely garden, too. 🙂

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