Gerry and I have been on a modified vacation this week. Yes, it’s true we worked all day, but the vacation started on Saturday and has continued every day at about 5:30 pm. On the weekend I stocked up and prepared all kinds of salads, cold cuts, cheeses, fruits and vegetables so we would be ready.
We’ve been enjoying a record-breaking heat wave here in the Pacific Northwest. While many have been complaining about the heat, we are enjoying it to the fullest. We do have air conditioning in our home and I am profoundly thankful for it, but truth be told, we’ve really only been in the house to sleep.
We spent most of the weekend and every evening outside in our back yard in holiday mode. We moved our chairs and my lawn swing to the shady area of the grass, stocked up with books (in my case Kindle), snacks, cold drinks, magazines and we have just taken some down time.
Once in a while we’ve hopped into the hot tub (which isn’t so hot at this time of year) to get wet and then dried off in the sunshine. It’s been one of the most relaxing weeks I can remember.
I realized how little it takes to make me content. Good books, good conversation with my husband, my little dogs, homemade potato salad, a cool breeze, blue sky, a glass of cold Chardonnay, the sound of children playing in the distance, I could go on and on. As we head into the weekend I hope to keep the holiday mode going for as long as we can.
By the way, as I looked at the picture I posted here I was thinking about the taste of a tomato freshly picked and still warm from the sun. Oh my goodness….is there anything that tastes so good?! That first bite, when the flavor explodes in your mouth fills me with the taste of summers gone past. I’m reminded of tomato sandwiches, summer holidays, and gardens I tended long ago. So much nostalgia packed into a little red tomato.
Happy Friday all!


I’m a writer, reader, and creative. I thought by now I’d have things figured out, but I keep coming up with more questions. I think that’s okay. I’m here most mornings pondering ordinary things and the thin places where faith intersects.
  1. What a great week! Happy Weekend, Linda. May it continue.

  2. So glad to hear what you are doing:) we did that yesterday, I bought a suit and a beach umbrella and we went to New Smyrna beach with our books and lunch and sat out for a few hours. Hadn't done that in 4 years!
    My daughter has no air conditioning out there and is dying!!

  3. Can I come visit? It sounds heavenly! Yum on tomato sandwiches! Love them!

  4. It sounds absolutely lovely. Now that is what a vacation is all about – relaxation!

  5. That sounds like a great deal of fun. Wish we were there to help you vacation too. As you heard, Jaxon is walking and it is amazing. We will have to send you a video link this weekend.

    Love Nicole

  6. What a great way to have a Stay-cation.You inspire me! And I'm with you on the tomatoes. This year, the fox squirrels, which I used to think were cool, ate most of our corn and tomatoes. I mean they were total pigs about it! I love those vine-ripened tomatoes!

  7. sounds great…my husband and I have been doing something similiar..when we get off work we sit outside…talk…play basketball…really just shooting hoops…take a dip in our little pool…talk and enjoy each other…we've been going for motorcycle rides…fishing….just enjoying the great outdoors…

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