Strawberry Season!

I’ve put a fair bit of time into photography this year and it’s been fun to watch the seasons change through the eyes of my camera lens. This week it’s strawberries!

2016-05-28 Strawberries-1-8 (650x650)
We picked up a flat of locally grown and oh-so-delicious berries at the farmer’s market yesterday morning.

2016-05-28 Strawberries-6 (650x520)

I made jam, took a few photos, filled the dehydrator, and saved enough to enjoy with ice cream.

2016-05-28 Strawberries-1-10 (650x520)

It tasted so good I couldn’t resist having a second dish!

2016-05-28 Strawberries-1-9 (650x520)

There’s really something to be said about eating in season.


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  1. The berries look edible on this end, and it’s only a screen shot – Wow, Linda!

    1. Thank you, Marian! Those strawberries were very photogenic it turned out! 🙂

  2. These are yummy! 🙂 I know it’s the photographer and not the camera, but what type of camera do you have? I’m now thinking I would like to take a photography class.

    1. Hi Karen! I have a Canon 7D and I use an EF-S 60mm Macro lens or an EF-S 18-55mm lens.

      1. Thanks. I can’t take this sort of photo with my IPhone (though some of my photos are good), and I was wondering how you get the one thing close up and then the other things blurred in the back. Your photographic vision and imagination just adds to the mystique!

        1. I’ve seen sound amazing photos that have been taken with an iPhone. I know you have many creative talents, Karen, and I bet you’ve got some great ones too! Isn’t it amazing the power we hold in our hands in the form of a smart phone?

  3. You’ve made those strawberries larger than life in your photos! Yum!!!

    1. Yum they were, Kas!

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