Summer Memories

It’s over 90 degrees this afternoon and I am loving it! Of course, I probably love it more because I have the luxury of an air conditioned home and an air conditioned vehicle to drive! But right now I am sitting on my lawn swing enjoying the heat and drinking some iced tea. I can hear a lawn mower in the distance and children laughing. I thought I would share some of my own memories of summers past that I remember fondly – in no particular order….

1. When the bookmobile would come to our neighbourhood. I would spent so much time lookinjg at the selection of books that they brought….carefully selecting…then changing my mind until I found just the right choice for my allotted three books.

2. Barbecues in our back yard and the smell of the briquettes when my dad would drop them in a galvanized bucket of water when we were finished roasting the last marshmallow.

3. Our typical summer evening supper – potato salad, cold cuts, jello, cheese, and bread.

4. Getting two new pair of “baby doll” pajamas to replace the winter flannels.

5. Sitting outside with library books while Laurinda and Michael played in the turtle pool.

6. Getting up at three o’clock in the morning to leave on vacation. My Dad liked to drive in the early, coolest part of the day. No air conditioning in the car back then!

7. Shelling peas with my Mom and Aunt….and eating more than went into the bowl.

8. Going to Elgin Park to play in the wading pool and being told not to get my hair wet. I have since realized that I was probably told that as a safety precaution…but at the time it made no sense to me….and it bugged me because my friends were allowed to get their hair wet.

9. Going to the Kentucky Friend Chicken for milkshakes.

10. Watching “Gone With The Wind” with Laurinda downstairs in the coolest place in the house.

11. Going to see “Forest Gump” with Michael.

12. August 11, 2006 – Laurinda and Gord’s wedding day.

13. August 6, 2005 – Brandon and Nicole’s wedding day.

14. Sleeping in the top bunk of the trailer with my sister where I’m sure that the temperature topped 110 degrees!

15. Hauling endless jugs of water for parents to fill the water cooler.

Summer is such a magical time in so many ways….I wonder if in six months I’ll be able to make a similar list about winters past…..hmmmmm….food for thought!

So that’s it for now…..I have a good book sitting here just calling my name.

Until later…..


I’m a writer, reader, and creative. I thought by now I’d have things figured out, but I keep coming up with more questions. I think that’s okay. I’m here most mornings pondering ordinary things.
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  1. Ohhhh, backyard swing and iced tea-that’s my kind of day!! It’s hot here in Lewiston too–over 100 degrees, so I’ve also been sitting in the backyard. I love summer.

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