The pieces of jewelery I wear on a daily basis are to me than just pretty baubles.

  • My diamond earrings were given to me by my husband and have a tiny maple leaf on the back. They are Canadian like me!
  • I wear a diamond solitaire on my right hand that belonged to my mother.
  • On my left hand I wear a simple wedding ring, and engagement ring, and an anniversary band that Gerry bought me for our tenth wedding anniversary.
  • Around my neck I most often wear a chain that holds two gold hearts: one belonged to my birth mom and the other to my adoptive mom.

This year for Christmas Gerry gave me a Charmed Memories bracelet that bears even more symbolism.  Let me explain.

  • The dangling pearl charm is the birthstone of my grandson, Jaxon.
  • The dangling garnet charm is the birthstone of my granddaughter, Makiya.
  • The ladybug is for Makiya, she’s the Ladybug Girl.
  • The open hearts angel charm designed by Jane Seymour represents everyone who has touched my heart; those who have gone on and those who remain.
  • The blue crystal charms are just because I love the color!

I love the idea of this charm bracelet that is reminiscent of the charm bracelet I had as a young woman and I look forward to making many more memories in my life that I can be reminded of by simple charms worn on a bracelet.

Does the jewelery you wear represent something special to you too?


I’m a writer, reader, and creative. I thought by now I’d have things figured out, but I keep coming up with more questions. I think that’s okay. I’m here most mornings pondering ordinary things and the thin places where faith intersects.
  1. I love it – and I am like you – I love wearing jewlery that means something to me. I’m not a “jewlery girl” kind of woman – meaning, I don’t care about the worth of the jewlery in monetary senses, but, how much the jewerly fits me or whatever.

    For instance, GMR bought me a silver wolf’s head necklace and I treasure it and wear it near all the time I’m going somewhere – you can see it in my author photos (or some of them, or at least a glimpse of it!)

    A good friend of mine gave me a arrowhead necklace he made from a wolf’s head arrowhead and I cherish it – but don’t wear it as often because i’m afraid I’ll lose it – the arrowhead is very very old.

    I love custume jewlery because I can change it around and play with it . . . but there are several pieces that mean much to me and I wear them most all the time…

  2. I enjoyed reading about the meaning of your jewelry — and that bracelet is so lovely. Like you, the meaning and story behind the jewelry for me is where the value is — not whether it is au courant or matches some outfit. I wear my husband’s (and his father’s before him) baby signet ring on my right ring finger and the wedding/engagement ring set I wear now was my beloved late mother-in-law’s. There’s a bracelet here, too, a special one given to me by my husband several Christmas Eve’s ago. It’s made of different kinds of colored stones — to me it looks like a jewelery designer’s interpretation of a xylophone! Memory, celebration, love and loss — all inextricably linked to our jewelry. Thanks for pushing my buttons on this today!

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