Family Threads

This piece was original published by the Forget Me Not Family Society in the Winter 2015 edition of the Adoption Circles newsletter. My husband gave me an antique stove for Christmas. It now sits in my office and every time I enter the room I‘m reminded of a time when life was perhaps less complicated, but certainly harsher, than

A Cracked Adoptee Vessel

I'm over at Adoption Voices Magazine this week talking about the cracks in my adoptee façade. Chances are good that you, or someone you know, has been touched by adoption in some manner. I invite you to stop by and join in the conversation.      

Found Money

I received an email recently from a woman who stumbled across A Slice of Life Writing while doing research about adoption and birth mothers. Through a chain of events she discovered, and subsequently informed me, of a modest sum of money in a bank account that had belonged to my birth mother. You hear about these

Open Adoption

Today, I'm delighted to share this video trailer of a book called Open Adoption, Open Heart written by the adoptive father of two beautiful children, and fellow-contributor to Adoption Voices Magazine, Russell Elkins. Stories like this, and people like Russell, give me hope for the future of adoption. His children will never have to wonder what