Honestly, we’re growing weary. Some days the weight feels heavier than others. It’s challenging to see delights which, of course, makes finding them even more important. But some days the effort takes more energy than we can summon. Or maybe that’s just me. Lilacs buds in the backyard are fat with promise. Or so I’m


I need to get a few groceries so, for the second time since this craziness began, I venture out from our home as the lone grocery shopper. We decided weeks ago that, when it was absolutely necessary to enter a store to pick up a prescription or buy food, I’d be the one to do

And yet.

You know that feeling when you’re standing in what feels like a precarious place like the top of the Seattle Space Needle or the Capilano Suspension Bridge in Vancouver, BC? That sharp intake of breath, that palpable lump of fear in the pit of your stomach, that heaviness in your chest? I’m having flashes of

Another Day

We wake and check the news and, yes, the world is still in chaos. A low grade something simmers within. We choose not to walk in fear and we seek reputable news sources but there’s no denying things are churning. We make jokes (some memes had us chuckling out loud last night before bed) and shake