The Good Life

I saw a billboard recently with a caption that said The Good Life scrawled beneath an image of a couple sitting in lounge chairs on the beach next to a turquoise water. The good life.

I have been in just such an environment more than once and it was, indeed, a slice of the good life.

But if that is a picture of what the truly good life looks like what do I call my life the rest of the time?  The Not-So-Good Life? The Less-Than-Perfect Life? What an insult to the Creator who has blessed me with this life.

So when I consider my own image of the good life it looks somewhat different from that billboard image.

It is one of me standing in my kitchen chopping veggies for dinner or folding the laundry. It is my husband and I sharing a laugh about a private joke between the two of us. It is one of me in my office getting ready to go to yet-another meeting or in my home office working on my book. It is one of me hugging my grandchildren or crying tears of frustration about some situation that has come into my life. It is me sitting with my neck massager tying to ease the pain in my shoulders or at the spa getting a pedicure.

And so on.

The point is, it is the combination of all of these things that make up the day-to-day experiences of my life. While I sometimes (often, in fact) look ahead to my retirement years when I will have time to do those things I struggle to find time for today I must not lose sight of the fact that the good life is right in front of me. Today.

To lose sight of that would be short-sited and ungrateful and would cause me to miss the good life presented to me every day.

So I try to challenge myself to remember that every day I am where I am supposed to be, doing what I am supposed to be doing, and I have been blessed abundantly no matter what the circumstance looks like. I am already living the good life.

What does the good life look like for you?


I’m a writer, reader, and creative. I thought by now I’d have things figured out, but I keep coming up with more questions. I think that’s okay. I’m here most mornings pondering ordinary things.
  1. My good life comes when I feel calm and centered inside and can just “be.” “Being” for me usually involves writing or singing or hanging with friends.

    1. I agree, Karen. Feeling calm and centered like we are just being ourself is the best.

  2. My good life is when I’m touched on the shoulder by my life partner, for no reason except he is feeling tender towards me. And then when I’m struggling up a slope covered with snow, my hiking poles seeking for the best purchase, and I am slipping into sleep after a good day.

    1. Ah…that’s a wonderful sentiment, DJan! The one about being touched on the shoulder for no particular reason….!

  3. Great post and one that is meaningful to me today. My good life is raising my teenagers — with all the frustration, and JOY, that comes with it. Sometimes I feel as though my life is on hold until I get the last one out the door. But, reminders such as yours makes me appreciate that these days won’t last forever.

    1. It can be tempting to feel like our life is on hold UNTIL. Until your teenagers are grown, until I retire, until….., until….. I am learning that we can’t wait until to appreciate the everyday moments that come our way; sounds like you are too.

  4. Beautifully written post,Linda! I agree that the good life is today, this moment with all its moments of joy,sadness,laughter,frustrations- the wide range of feelings and experiences that proves to us that we are fully-alive. Thanks for the reminder to be grateful for theses moments.

    1. It all works together to make one incredible life, doesn’t it?!

  5. At the top of each page in my morning pages journal I write: All I have is now. This is a reminder that no matter what is going on or what might be troubling me, this moment is really all I have. For me, that helps me stay in the now, instead of worrying about yesterday or tomorrow. The good life is right now, even in times of trouble, especially in times of joy, but always, always now.

    1. Very wise, Judy. I like that phrase you write in your journal every day – it’s a good reminder to be mindful of the moment.

  6. I appreciated your post soo much and it is so true. The good life to me can be sitting on my couch and watching the birds at our birdfeeder near the picture window, picking lettuce from our cute little raised garden, spending time with my friends and family, sharing a laugh with my hubby and well. . . . the list goes on. God has blessed me in sooo many ways. Still I have those days when I cry, am in pain or struggling with some issue – it is all part of his plan for my life – “Nothing happens to me without His permission.” I am so thankful He is in charge:-)

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