The Morning After . . . and Friday’s Fave Five

I’m in the living room at my daughter’s house. It’s early, and Daughter and Granddaughter are still sleeping. The only sound is that of the refrigerator running and my fingers tapping on the keyboard. I’m enjoying the first quiet moments of the day to gather my thoughts and offer prayer while I wait for Starbucks to open. (Laurinda doesn’t drink coffee and the shop is just around the corner so what’s a woman to do?)

We enjoyed watching Makiya and the rest of her theatre group perform in How To Survive Being in a Shakespeare Play last evening. It was a fun and rollicking production that kept us in stitches from start to finish. Man, it felt good just to laugh! I have no photos, other than the ones I took in the lobby of pictures on the bulletin board because it was an evening just to be present.

We’ll spend time visiting this morning before I head toward home. Laurinda’s officially on vacation starting today, so the girls will follow in a few days for the last visit of summer.

Summer’s winding down. Can you feel it? There’s a definite something in the air these days. Makiya will perform once more this evening, then that’s it for summer theater camp.  I saw on social media yesterday that the iconic pumpkin spice latte is returning to the menu at Starbucks next week. It might be a tad early to partake, but it’s just another sign of changing seasons. Bring it. I’m beyond ready.

When I get home, we’ll harvest the beets (Assuming they’re still there. There are reports of widespread theft in the community garden again.) and I’ll make pickle and freeze greens. Aside from that, we’ll continue to wait for, and roast as they ripen, Black Krim tomatoes; pick cucumbers and give them away; freeze basil, and do something with the mountain (again, this year) that I’m ending up with. I’m about ready to wind down the community garden plot. There are still carrots in the backyard garden—I look at them and think soup. Yes, we’re definitely on the cusp of autumn.

So, I’ve got a long drive ahead. I’m loaded up with podcasts though I feel more drawn to listen to classical music this trip. Podcasts inspire deep thinking and I’m more in need of something else as I head toward home and a changing season.

Oh, wait. I just realized it’s Friday. I should have done a Friday’s Fave Five post. Hmmm. Can I come up with five quick things before signing off? Let’s see.

Last night’s play. See above. 🙂

An abundance of fish. I canned salmon this week (oh my, did the house smell fishy!) and we filled the freezer with enough salmon and halibut to see us through the winter thanks to Gerry’s fishing trip.

Clear skies. We enjoyed a couple of them this week and, even when it was smoky, it wasn’t as smoky as it’s been. Some evacuation alerts and orders have been rescinded and the firefighters are gaining the upper hand where fires have raged out of control for weeks. Fire season is a long way from over, but they made some gains this week and that’s cause to celebrate.

Hugs from my girls. Priceless.

Coffee. Gotta go get some now, so I”m signing off.

Happy Friday and happy weekend, friends!


I’m a writer, reader, and creative. I thought by now I’d have things figured out, but I keep coming up with more questions. I think that’s okay. I’m here most mornings pondering ordinary things.

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