The Party’s Over

Gerry and I went to bed around 10:00 last night. We had enjoyed a good day; the sun shone in the afternoon and we got a lot of things done in the yard. We were ready for a good sleep.

Typically, I read and he did some Sudoko before we turned out the light and settled in and fell asleep quickly. Sadly, and also typically, I woke up after a few hours and lay tossing and turning while I listened the the heavy breathing of my husband and the snoring of one of my Yorkies.

Perhaps I woke up because I had a sense about the party that was happening outside in my garden, and the subsequent anhiliation of said party-goers that was soon to occur. Truth be told, I was hoping it would end that way.

This morning I was eager to get out in the garden; oh yes I did discover the remnants of last night’s revelry.

Yesterday I officially declared war on the slugs that have been munching on my petunias, radishes, lettuce, and anything else they consider tasty. I went to the store and bought some copper tape and applied it around the entire rim of my raised bed vegetable garden; I read that it’s somehow toxic to slugs and snails. Worth a try.

While I was at the store I picked up a box of something that said it was a pet-friendly slug killer and was reading the package when a woman walked by, noticed what I was looking at, and recommended something that she uses. Well, I should have paid more attention, but I picked up the product she recommended, came home and applied it.

So, as I mentioned, I was eager to get out in the garden this morning to see how things looked. Wow. There were dead and dying slugs in all of my flowerbeds and even in my raised bed garden. I spent an hour picking up the slimy slugs and disposing of them.

Linda: 1. Slugs: 0.

Then, I happened to be doing some reading and discovered that what I bought was toxic to pets. Agghhh.

Thankfully my girls don’t bother with the garden, but I went back outside to get rid of the remnants of the stuff.

I think I am going to order a batch of Decollate Snails on the recommendation of a friend.  The first round may be over but the war continues.


I’m a writer, reader, and creative. I thought by now I’d have things figured out, but I keep coming up with more questions. I think that’s okay. I’m here most mornings pondering ordinary things and the thin places where faith intersects.
  1. Oh dear! Glad you read up on it in good time and happy you sent them party goers a message – although your methods are rather…final. 😉

  2. Glad to hear you at least got some of them, but it’s not good for YOU either to have that kind of toxicity around your garden. Ewww! They do sound awfully… slimy.

  3. Try putting out a bowl of beer! Slugs love it, and I like to think they die a happy death this way!

    (Feel free to delete my comment below…I goofed!)

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