These Are Good Days

These are good days. Different, but good. We are adjusting to new routines that come from having our granddaughter, Makiya, with us and the changes have brought gifts.

Just now, I’m sitting in a quiet house (well, except for our Yorkie, Maya, who has spotted someone walking outside and is letting me know about it). Makiya is at school, and Gerry is out hiking. The house smells inviting thanks to the combination of tomatoes, garlic, and herbs I just took out of the oven. I’ll tuck the mixture in the freezer once it cools for future dinners. The bowl I mix bread dough in is sitting on the counter, waiting for me to finish this post. I’ve left an apple on the counter to remind me to mix up an apple crisp later this afternoon for dessert this evening. These small things fill me with contentment.

Earlier, Gerry and I took a second cup of coffee out to the backyard and, as the dogs wandered and enjoyed the sunshine, we sat and chatted about this-and-that. It’s moments like that I once dreamed about when I was still working. We talked about what it’s like having our granddaughter with us and agreed—it’s nothing but good. 🙂

I am loving the cooler September weather. I’m mostly loving the clean air. The little sanctuary I created on my deck that got hardly any use this summer, is autumn pretty and inviting. I sit out there for a few minutes in random minutes throughout the day watching birds and enjoying the flowers. We attended church yesterday—in person!—and came away feeling like we had been well fed on many levels.

As I said, these are good days. Different, but oh-so-good.

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