This Woman – Laura

February 25, 1922

The Angel of Death has again visited our district, removing one of our most beloved residents in the person of Mrs. L. Graves. Mrs. Graves had been suffering for some years from an incurable malady, and for the past year this disease has progressed more rapidly, terminating fatally on Saturday morning, February 25th. The deceased was well and favorably known in Crystal City, where she and her family lived for a number of years, removing to Mather district later, where her husband died. Here she remained until war time, and both her unmarried sons enlisted, when she and her daughter came to Clearwater, where they have since resided. Mrs. Graves’ two sons Richard and George, made the supreme sacrifice in the war, and this no doubt had a weakening effect on her constitution. During the few short years it has been our privilege to know Mrs. Graves, she has endeared herself to us all by the sweetness and unselfishness of her character. Her patience and fortitude under sorrow and suffering have been wonderful, and a splendid example of Christian love and faith. A great deal of sympathy is felt for the remaining children, Mrs. F. Fiskel, of Benson, Miss Belle Graves and William Graves, in the loss of such a mother. The funeral took place yesterday from St. Paul’s church, of which deceased was a devoted member, and was largely attended.

This woman was my great-grandmother. I never had the fortune to know her, but in reading this tribute to her, I count it my great loss.


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  1. What a beautiful tribute to an obviously very special lady. I am so glad you shared this with everyone. It helps to keep their spirit alive, doesn’t it?
    God Bless.

  2. A lovely tribute. What’s also interesting is the strong sense of history found in the details, and in the language itself.

  3. I bet you are a lot like her. Blessings.

  4. I love reading about people and it must make it so special to you that you have this information on her:)
    Hope you enjoyed (ing) your trip to see grandkids!

  5. How neat that you have that in writing. The obituaries of yesteryear were so much more personal than most of the ones you read in the papers today. They gave you a sense of knowing the individual when you read them. It sounds like you came from very good stock, indeed! 🙂

  6. Renna – thank you for visiting my blog. I agree that these older obituaries are so interesting!

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