Thursday, December 29, 2016

“All you need is love. But a little chocolate now and then doesn’t hurt.”

~ Charles M. Schulz


I got chocolate in my stocking for Christmas; not your ordinary chocolate, but a delicious and decadent assortment of three varieties of Canada’s finest Purdys chocolate.

I enjoyed the first piece before I even got out of bed on Christmas morning. They’re so delicious and so pretty that they even warranted a photo shoot on Christmas afternoon.

I’m rationing them, even sharing with hubby (a true illustration of my love for the man), and trying to make them last as long as possible.

I can’t help but feel pampered and cherished whenever I delicately bite into one of these morsels of pure chocolate goodness and savour that first taste–and also thankful to be at this stage of life where I can savour the luxury of an adult chocolate on a quiet afternoon.

Goat Cheese & Chardonnay (We start with an exquisite ganache made from creamy goat cheese smoothly blended with white chocolate, and pair it with a milk chocolate layer infused with a rich, fruity chardonnay for a delightful taste experience that’s both sweet and savoury.)

Raspberry Balsamic Truffle (A decadent 60% dark chocolate ganache blended with rich raspberry Italian balsamic vinegar, infused with the sweetly tart flavour of ripe raspberries and enrobed in dark chocolate.)

Banoffee (Inspired by Banoffee Pie, the beloved UK classic dessert featuring bananas and toffee, we’ve created a fab two-layer flavour punch that has a creamy milk chocolate/liquid salted caramel ganache topped by a banana white chocolate layer, enrobed in dark chocolate.)

Chocolate descriptions courtesy of the Purdys website.


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  1. Oh, geez oh man, these look delicious. Now I’m craving! 🙂

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