Tomato Progress Report #1

Tomorrow will be one week since I sowed the tomato seeds in their little newspaper pots and I’m happy to report they’ve sprouted.

As soon as they sprouted I removed the plastic cover and removed them from the heated mat. Now they’re sitting up high, as close as I can get them to the special grow light we bought last year. I’ve read that the reason to do this is so they don’t get spindly reaching for light.

Once the first set of true leaves appear, I’ll go through each pot and snip off the weaker plants so only one remains in each pot. I’ve also learned that it’s important to take a couple of minutes every day at that point just to brush your fingers lightly over the plants so they get stronger. I NEVER would have thought of doing that. Thank goodness for gardening books and websites.

The basil and peppers are also up. The Four O’Clocks and Love in a Mist flowers are a bit slower in coming.

And the worms have settled in nicely.

The sun is shining today. I’m dreaming of my spring garden.


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