Tuesday, March 12, 2019 – Lazy

The tulips on my kitchen table are starting to droop in the lazy way they are prone to. I’d like to pull out my camera and capture some images, but the light is terrible.

I go for a pedicure instead.

Now it’s morning, and dark, and I feel human again after a good night’s rest. Perhaps the light will be better today.

Sometimes waiting is the better thing.

Thanks so much for stopping by. I'm here most mornings with a photo and a few words about ordinary extraordinary things and, sometimes, thin places where faith intersects.
  1. I’ve observed drooping tulips lately and got a pedicure too. But not at the same time!

    1. Both worthy pursuits at this time of the year–at the same time or not!

  2. It is weird to have it dark in the morning and so light at night now

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