Zero to ninety…..

Earlier this week I had an opportunity to read something written by a woman who will turn ninety years of age next month. I was taken aback with the mention of her spending time thinking about “who she is supposed to be”. Somehow, I thought that one day we would be able to figure out the answer to this question for our own lives. And yet, I found it refreshing to read that this incredible woman was still thinking about her purpose.
Sometimes I walk through my too busy and frazzled to think about purpose. It’s all I can do just to accomplish the tasks that I need to accomplish. But there are other times, when I allow myself to be quiet, that I think about deeper truths.
Sometimes purpose changes. The purpose I had when I was a young mom of pre-schoolers is no longer relevant to a fifty year old woman. There have been times when I knew I was walking smack dab in the center of my purpose, and others when I felt like I had nothing to contribute. There are some consistencies throughout my life, and when I look back I can see that there are some areas of purpose that stay with me.
I love the thought that seasons change and, with that, so do the roles we play. With each new season we may have an opportunity to walk freshly into a new purpose.
What new purpose to you sense in your life today?


I’m a writer, reader, and creative. I thought by now I’d have things figured out, but I keep coming up with more questions. I think that’s okay. I’m here most mornings pondering ordinary things and the thin places where faith intersects.
  1. Right now I sense that my purpose might be changing and I need to be alert to be open!!

  2. Pat – How exciting for you!

  3. My purpose sometimes changes so fast that my head spins! LOL!

    Right now I'm still learning the long distance grandma role, hating the distance, but enjoying the wonderful connection.

    I'm also learning to be quiet and restful and to be whatever I want to be instead of competing with the rest of the world. This is sure not an easy lesson to learn as I've always been the "Type A", multitasking, goal oriented person.

  4. I'm still the young woman with young children. I know my purpose associated with them. It's most important. But I also know writing fits in there somewhere.

    On a different (but related) note, the MC of my WIP is an 82 year-old woman who's just learning to let her hair down and see who she really is. I hope it will (get the chance to) speak to many women.

  5. And P.S. I'm loving The Time-Traveler's Wife.

  6. That is a great question. At this point, I'm still mothering nearly-grown children. They need me, but not in ways they did before. I'm beginning to get a glimpse of my life once they're gone and what that might entail.

    I'm starting to also see that my job is also one of my ministries, which I did not see for a long time, despite working in the office of a youth ministry.

    Thoughtful post.

  7. I'm trying to find my way back to purpose in my life. I so appreciate your perspective, Linda. I sense change but have no clear idea as to what that will be. I'm trying to be aware and observant. Writing is helping to clarify my thoughts. I'm on the way to an unknown destination but I'm ready and willing to take baby steps. Maybe one day I'll run!

  8. Excellent post. Sometimes what we think about our purpose changes abruptly. I like the idea of seasons. Just coming out of winter.

  9. As my children are starting to get a little older, I'm finding that they are not as demanding and that my time is more flexible. It's a nice cool breeze! I'm enjoying it, although I don't expect it to last forever!

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