Friday’s Fave Five – March 3

Every evening this week when I close the curtains in my west-facing woman cave, I have seen two bright planets. A little research tells me they are Jupiter and Venus. I’m not especially interested in astronomy but, as with many things in the natural world, the appearance of the two brilliant lights so close to

Friday’s Fave Five- January 6

I’ve struggled to keep track of what day it was this week because of the New Year’s Day holiday which fell on Sunday but that was observed by many businesses on Monday. I can’t explain why, since it didn’t impact anything I did, but it seems any excuse to confuse my days, does. Maybe it

Friday’s Fave Five – December 23

I’m in a liminal space right now, as we settle into our new home in Moose Jaw in the season of Advent. There’s a strange sense of moving forward while still waiting that leaves me feeling discombobulated. It’s the Christmas season, yet with the transition we’ve experienced and are still sorting through—it doesn’t really seem

Friday Favourites

Gerry and I have been Moose Jaw residents for one week today. We’re puttering away at things at home like replacing weather stripping on the door from the laundry room to the garage (Gerry) and organizing the walk-in pantry (me). There are always miscellaneous things to buy for a new house so I’ve been shopping

Friday’s Fave Five- December 2

We’ve come to the end of the final full week before we head out toward our little house on the prairie, and it’s been a full one. Let’s look back with a Friday’s Fave Five post. Floating. I enjoyed a blissful 90 minutes float in a sensory deprivation chamber at my favourite self-care place in Kamloops one

Friday’s Fave Five- October 28

I can’t believe it’s Friday already. In fact, I didn’t realize it until I came across a FFF post in my reader. Okay then, let’s get going with another Friday’s Fave Five post. Oroweat Keto Tortillas. My daughter-in-love recommended these to me. I picked up a package at Costco this week and made quesadillas. They’re really