Hi, and welcome to my space. I’m here most days, sharing one of my photos and a few simple words.

I’m a writer, photographer, gardener, and somewhat-fanatical grandma making the most of this season of lifeI thought I’d have things figured out by now, but I keep coming up with more questions. I think that’s okay.

I live in British Columbia, Canada with my husband and our doted-upon Yorkshire Terrier, Maya, but I’ll always be a Saskatchewan prairie girl.

I dabble with words. My work has been included in a couple of anthologies, and in assorted online and in-print publications.

I wrote a book called Two Hearts: An Adoptee’s Journey Through Grief to Gratitude about my messy quest to find family. My second book, The Presence of Absence: A Story About Busyness, Brokenness, and Being Beloved is coming in summer 2020.

I think a lot about grace, and love, and faith, and do my best to wrap my mind around it all (hence, the new book). And the sweetness . . . ah, the sweetness. Tapping out words helps.

I take photos. I like getting up close and personal with flowers and nature. I like to think that my images direct the eye first to the Creator, and then to the created. That’s the goal, anyway.

My garden is my happy place—it feeds my body and soul to dig in the dirt. There is so much to learn in a garden. Plus, you get vegetables.

I’ve got a thing for Moleskine notebooks, multi-coloured index cards, sticky notes, and Uni-Ball 207 gel pens. And soy milky frothy coffee.

I’m at my best early in the morning. Waking around four gives me a good chunk of solitary time for prayer, reflection, reading, and writing before I have to do life.

Questions, comments, or just want to say hi? I’d love to hear from you.

Linda Hoye


  1. Linda, I was quite taken with your Slice of Life annual books based on your blog posts. I’ve been thinking of perhaps using KDP, formerly CreateSpace, for my memoir. After my three year battle with chronic pain and facing a major surgery because of it, I’m not up to going any other route to publish. However, I’d like to have copies for family and friends who want to read it. How difficult do you find the new process to be? If you’d rather email me directly, feel free (salice78@comcast.net).

    1. Sherrey, I’m sending you an email.

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