Two Hearts

Two Hearts: An Adoptee’s Journey Through Grief to Gratitude

 Linda Hoye was in her early twenties when she found herself parentless for the second time. Adopted at five months of age, her heritage, medical history, and access to information about who she was or where she came from was sealed. It was as if she had never existed before being adopted.

When she was barely in her twenties her adoptive parents died and a pattern of loss was put into motion that would continue for years as, one by one, those she called family were torn from her life.

Two Hearts charts a course through a complex series of relationships stemming from the author’s adoptive family, her maternal and paternal birth families, and an abusive marriage as the author seeks the one thing she so desperately wants: family.

This is the story of a woman’s journey through grief; of what it takes to go into the abyss, to feel the pain, and to come out the other side whole, healed, and thankful.


What readers are saying:

“I highly recommend this smooth yet evocative read that’s all about adoption, but also so much more.”

“My story is not the same as hers, but . . . I so connect with how she feels in finding her true self.”

“Hoye has written a book that will haunt you.” 

” . . . her story is so real and palpable that I could not put it down.”

“Linda Hoye has written a book about adoption that reads like a novel . . . Her honest account of her experience will inspire others . . .”

“I…recommend…reading it slowly…in order to more richly appreciate the many levels of Hoye’s exceptional journey.”

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