Wisdom is comfortable living in the land of I-don’t-know. Sometimes it’s “I don’t know, let me find out” other times it’s “I don’t know, my knowledge is limited in that area”. Not infrequently it’s “I don’t know, and the answer is less important than relationship with this person in that area”. There are hills worth

Sweet Spot

I read Buechner first thing and, as usual, I’m enchanted with the way he dances with words. I’ll never be able to write like him, but that’s okay. I was never meant to. According to developmental psychologist Erik Erikson’s stages of human psychological developmental, I’m in late adulthood. I found it jarring, and somehow hard to

In Season

In late-August the leaves on the trees in my neighborhood started to show the first signs of turning color. It was easy to miss the subtle change, and I did for many years. Now I’m in the autumn of my life and sense a kinship in the shift. The intensity of summer and the almost

Monday in Not-Quite Fall

Monday, you are fresh and full of promise. Even now when, save for Sunday, the days look much the same, there is something about you that says anticipation. In my first thoughts of the day I survey the busy week ahead and find, not the routine I hunger for, but a smattering of good things I

In the Night

Gerry’s away and I’m awakened by Maya. I sleep through disturbances most of the time but when I’m alone, I wake quickly and easily at my pup’s restlessness. The body knows when it is the one on duty, like when my children were babies and their slightest stirring would bring me immediately to wakefulness. I