Fresh Start

It's Monday. The last one before we enter the season of Advent and I wake with a fresh intention to walk through this week different than I have in recent weeks. Some words spoken yesterday, by our pastor in the online church service and by our daughter in good conversation later, nudge me toward a


A lifetime has passed since Gerry, Makiya, and I sat in our car in the park eating burgers and fries and looking at this sculpture. It was the first of April and we three had been hunkered down at home for weeks, finding lots to keep us occupied, but needing to get out of the


My favourite coffee shop is closed. It’s a small shop attached to a bookstore—both, part of large chains. I’ve spent hours over the years there visiting with friends or buying coffee and browsing in the adjoining bookstore. A lifetime ago, I used to stop and get coffee early in the morning on my way to

A Little Seasoning

I spend a good chunk of time wading through 2000+ blog posts, updating tags and categories. It’s something I’ve wanted to do for a long time but I kept putting it off. Twelve years of memories wash over me as I work. It’s time well spent, remembering what it was like once upon a time

The View From Here

One morning I am captivated by the view outside our bedroom window, and grab my phone to take a photo. The next day I’m struck by the contrast, because snow has fallen and the sky says more is coming. I do it again. On the third day, clouds are low and snow falls soft and