There’s Always Something

Every day I see or hear something that more or less kills me with delight. Mary Oliver I try to remain present and mindful so those sweet somethings  are foremost in my mind bringing me to a place where gratitude and worship are more prominent than anything else but, truthfully, I could write a different

An Unexpectedly Slow Day

My back is in spasm, so we're having a slow day. A heating pad, my Kindle, and cup after cup of vanilla chai tea are my faithful companions. Gerry and I just finished watching a Zoom recording of a Wednesday night series happening at our church. With all that's gone wonky for the past few


We harvested the carrots from the backyard garden yesterday. Turns out, it was the best season ever. This beautiful array of orange is all packaged up to be delivered to the local food bank this morning. That’s it for the garden, save for a handful of green onions and the marigolds I’ll leave until we

Living Liminal

I've just ordered a proof copy of my new book. I'm breaking all writer rules and moving forward without using professional editors—a decision I may regret, but, like I said a few days ago, I'm choosing not to immerse myself in those trauma-filled days again. I just want to finish this work and move on.

For Sale

Everything put away? Check. All the lights on? Check. Music on? Check. All the toilet lids down? Check. We grab the dogs, get in the car, and head out so strangers can walk through out home. We stop for coffee at a very expensive place for mine where I pay with my phone, and a

Bye Bye BC

Well, not just yet. But we enjoyed a family dinner with Gerry’s siblings and their spouses on Sunday in honour of our pending move to Saskatchewan. I’m pretty sure it was the first time we all got together before you-know-what so it was especially good to gather again. We intentionally arrived in Vernon early—in part

A New Book?

Early this year, I started working on another book. Here's what I wrote in the draft introduction. There was a saying going around when the COVID-19 pandemic was raging, reminding us that, while we were all weathering in the same storm, we were doing so in different boats. The experiences of people we saw on

It’s Been a Good Run

Last week at this time, we were sitting on the back patio commenting on what a beautiful and warm day it was. We’ve enjoyed a stellar autumn so far but change is in the air. They’re forecasting the first snow of the season in Moose Jaw this weekend (wish we were already there) and, here

Taking The Long Way Home

The final module of the art class I took this summer asked us to paint a series. I decided to do something I to hang in my new woman cave when we get to Saskatchewan. First step: choose a palette to work with. I picked a limited palette of phthalo turquoise, Naples yellow, cobalt blue

A Black and White Photo

After a summer hiatus, our writing group gathered via Zoom yesterday to share what we’ve written to the prompt “a black and white photograph.” Here’s my piece. The 3 x 4-inch photograph is blurry, and the lighting isn’t good. In it, a couple stands in front of a porch covered with vines or garland in a