Water, Water, Everywhere

Well, not really. I've been thinking about water conservation lately. It's natural, I suppose, now that we're paying for utilities (as opposed to having them included in our strata fees in B.C.), and water is expensive in Saskatchewan. This is a farming province and rain is precious; it seems wrong to waste. Especially, given the

Cousin Connections

Yesterday, as I was looking through a bin of old photos for pictures of my mom, I came across some taken of my cousins here in Moose Jaw a lifetime ago. These two are the only cousins I have real childhood memories of; we lost touch, for the most part, after my family left Saskatchewan.

Just A Quiet Day

It's cooler today, and cloudy, or maybe it's fog. No matter. This too shall pass. I've already fallen behind in weeding the beds on the perimeter of our yard and those lining our front driveway. Gerry took a pass a few days ago. They need more work. I confess I care more about vegetable gardening

Summer Plans

I liken May to January as a month of making plans and setting intentions. Apart from gardening plans (which are slow in coming as I wait to see what surprises will be revealed in new yard), I like to make personal writing, reading, and other creative plans. I envision lazy afternoons spent in the new

Taking the Slow Way Home

Things happen fast. Here in southern Saskatchewan, we went from winter to summer in the about two weeks. On Friday, my granddaughter and I went to Regina for a bit of retail therapy and when we returned a lilac bush next to the driveway was displaying the first green of leaves. In the backyard, other

The Coronation

It's Saturday afternoon and I'm tired. I stayed up too late last night waiting until it was time to pick Makiya up from the youth center she goes to on the weekend. Gerry and I have an arrangement: I get up early with the dog, and he stays up late, as required, for the granddaughter.

Garden Time

Just like that, it’s spring! Gerry worked hard over the weekend to get my new raised garden beds ready for planting. He and Makiya raked the back lawn and tidied the beds around the perimeter where we’re waiting and watching to see what comes up. The lilacs are budding and I’m getting itchy to plant.

What a Week

This week has gone by in a blur of both the expected and unexpected, with a healthy measure of good things and a dose of not-so-good. I'm kinda glad it's over. I had a coffee visit with a woman who, as a teenager, lived with my birth sister's family for a few years here in

Falling for the Prairie

It’s another beautiful sunshiny day in Moose Jaw and Gerry suggests a short walk. There’s still snow on the ground in places, remnants from last weeks storm, and there’s a bottleneck at the front door while decisions about footwear are made. He opts for Sorrels I slip my feet into Sketchers, refusing to don boots

Crafted By the Creator

It's April 20 and, here in southern Saskatchewan, we're under a snowfall warning for the third day in a row. It looks more like January than April outside. One could become discouraged if not for an unrelenting faith that spring will eventually show up. We determined earlier that it wasn't worth the risk of driving