Friday’s Fave Five- October 28

I can’t believe it’s Friday already. In fact, I didn’t realize it until I came across a FFF post in my reader. Okay then, let’s get going with another Friday’s Fave Five post. Oroweat Keto Tortillas. My daughter-in-love recommended these to me. I picked up a package at Costco this week and made quesadillas. They’re really


We harvested the carrots from the backyard garden yesterday. Turns out, it was the best season ever. This beautiful array of orange is all packaged up to be delivered to the local food bank this morning. That’s it for the garden, save for a handful of green onions and the marigolds I’ll leave until we

It’s Been a Good Run

Last week at this time, we were sitting on the back patio commenting on what a beautiful and warm day it was. We’ve enjoyed a stellar autumn so far but change is in the air. They’re forecasting the first snow of the season in Moose Jaw this weekend (wish we were already there) and, here

Taking The Long Way Home

The final module of the art class I took this summer asked us to paint a series. I decided to do something I to hang in my new woman cave when we get to Saskatchewan. First step: choose a palette to work with. I picked a limited palette of phthalo turquoise, Naples yellow, cobalt blue


It's Thanksgiving Day. (Thanksgiving is celebrated on the second Monday in October here in Canada.) There's no smell of roasting turkey, no activity in the kitchen peeling potatoes or roasting Brussels sprouts, no one other than Gerry and me and the pups in the house. Essentially, it's a day like any other and we're fine

Another Day, Another Showing

We’re sitting in the car with the windows open, sipping coffee and enjoying the early autumn view of the North Thompson River. I’ve got two Yorkies on my lap—Murphy, as usual, and Maya because she’s startled by Gerry’s sneezing (it’s allergy season). Meanwhile, strangers are walking through my home, considering whether it’s the one for

I’m Ba-ack

I baked the first apple pie of the season yesterday. Today, there's a sauce simmering on the stove made with a batch of tomatoes that have been ripening on my countertop and oregano Gerry just snipped from the backyard garden. I'm wearing socks and long pants and there's no point in trying to ignore the fact

Memento Mori

Gerry and I grab our cameras and head to a park. He's been taking classes and wants to put some of what he's learned about landscape photography and camera settings into practice. I grab my favourite 60mm macro lens and trust I'll find something interesting a little closer to shoot. He crouches down by the