What I Know For Sure This Morning

I’m sitting in the wing chair in my office looking west at a dark, broody sky. (This photo does not reflect that, obviously. I captured this image the other evening. I love it.) There’s a possibility of a thunderstorm according to the forecast. One thing we’ve learned about Saskatchewan is that the weather can change

A Fine Friday Night

We sit in the sanctuary of the beautiful old St. Andrews church (originally built in 1912, rebuilt in the early 1960s after a devastating fire) where my parents were married 75 years ago. We’re here for a sold out spring performance by the Moose Jaw Community Choir. I imagine my parents standing at the front

Weekend Randomness

I’m tired. Bone-weary tired. Have I mentioned that lately? Smoke from wildfires has blown in, ushering in gray days that do little to help my weariness. It’s either time to push through or give in. The jury’s still out. We ordered pizza for supper last evening. We had a free one thanks to rewards at

Seniors Gone Wild

An afternoon with no commitments and Gerry and I head off to explore. With coffee in hand, I direct the way to where we’re going and, later, my adventuresome husband takes us down dusty prairie roads we think will lead us eventually back to Moose Jaw. (They do. Eventually.) It’s a lovely afternoon, just the two

Water, Water, Everywhere

Well, not really. I've been thinking about water conservation lately. It's natural, I suppose, now that we're paying for utilities (as opposed to having them included in our strata fees in B.C.), and water is expensive in Saskatchewan. This is a farming province and rain is precious; it seems wrong to waste. Especially, given the

Cousin Connections

Yesterday, as I was looking through a bin of old photos for pictures of my mom, I came across some taken of my cousins here in Moose Jaw a lifetime ago. These two are the only cousins I have real childhood memories of; we lost touch, for the most part, after my family left Saskatchewan.

Just A Quiet Day

It's cooler today, and cloudy, or maybe it's fog. No matter. This too shall pass. I've already fallen behind in weeding the beds on the perimeter of our yard and those lining our front driveway. Gerry took a pass a few days ago. They need more work. I confess I care more about vegetable gardening