A Rose

One afternoon we took our cameras to the rose garden. The photos I took remained on my camera card, my camera languishing on the antique stove in my woman cave, for weeks. I took time to download and process them a few days ago and found a bit of soft magic. This image evokes a

Oh, Deer

It’s not uncommon to see deer where we live. They meander in the field behind our house, sometimes standing on their two rear legs as they reach for tasty morsels on high branches. They make salad of tulips in my front garden in the spring, to the extent that I’ve given up trying to grow

Day Begins

It’s dark when I rise these days. Still night, really. Certainly too dark to step out on the deck and greet the morning (I stopped doing that a few weeks ago when I encountered a black, hard-shelled creature the size of a Volkswagen). I sit in a wing chair near the window where, eventually, I’ll

Questions, Six Months In

On March 11, 2020, the World Health Organization (WHO) declared the COVID-19 outbreak to be a global pandemic. We’re six months into this thing, friends. Half a year has gone by as we have wrestled with trying to understand, explain, and make our way through day by uncertain day. Are we stronger for having come


In the morning, when Gerry takes Maya out for her morning constitutional, he finds evidence of a visitor on the front lawn and in the evening we watch three hungry black bears amble by on the other side of the fence in the back yard. In between, amid hugs and laughter (and maybe a few tears),

A Divine Moment

I'm going to the community garden to water and pick blushing tomatoes. I pick early, allowing the fruit to ripen in the safety of my laundry room, to foil destructive garden thieves who are apt to pluck growing things from garden plots at this time of year. My laundry room is a party of ripening