Writing on the Deck

I'm sitting on the back deck writing this blog post. How sweet is that?! It's the first time this year I've been able to do so and—fingers crossed—there will be more opportunity to do the same next week. There is a herd of empty pots here with me, and my little pup, Murphy. Lettuce and

Friday Afternoon

It's early Friday afternoon as I write this and, after a busy morning, I'm ready for a break. Seems like a good time to pop in and say "hello!". I've spent the morning working on Story Circle Network business--wrapping up the blog competition (winners will be announced next week) and getting ready for the poetry

Waiting on the Fever

I wouldn't say I've got the fever yet, but I'm on the verge. Gerry's spent the past couple of days out in the backyard modifying and enlarging our garden space. Makiya was out there with him today, and will join the effort again tomorrow afternoon. Meanwhile, I'm visualizing tucking tiny seeds into the ground and

Losing My Mind

It's possible I'm losing my mind. I decided to try my hand at abstract painting with acrylics and managed to carve out an hour this afternoon to play. It's going to be fun, once I figure out what I'm doing, but this afternoon I just made a mess. That's okay. It's all part of the

Painting and Pondering

I finally get some time to play with paint and create a first wash for the latest project. Today, I’ll introduce the main subjects into the work. Depending on how it turns out, I might go a step farther and craft something for our home. Either way, it feels good to let creativity flow. My

It’s a Good Life

I have three large flower pots near the front door with dark purple, black, and white petunias and potato vine; two in the back yard and one on the deck with geraniums and pansies; a hanging basket filled with a variety of multi-coloured blooms on the upper deck; two rectangular planters with sweet peas already

Word Wrangling

The day starts out gray, which is perfect because I’m planning to write and there’s no siren call of the outdoors to distract me. I decide to work in the den, and settle the dogs first—which turns out to be a challenge because the littlest one, Murphy, wants to claim the spot on my lap