A Shared Hobby

It’s cold, but not bone-chilling cold (-16C / 3F). It’s not windy, and that makes all the difference. It’s sunny and gorgeous, so Gerry and I grab our grown up cameras and hop in the car to see what we can see. Prairie roads don’t disappoint. The Wakamow valley doesn’t either. Truth be told, even

I’m Ba-ack

I baked the first apple pie of the season yesterday. Today, there's a sauce simmering on the stove made with a batch of tomatoes that have been ripening on my countertop and oregano Gerry just snipped from the backyard garden. I'm wearing socks and long pants and there's no point in trying to ignore the fact

Memento Mori

Gerry and I grab our cameras and head to a park. He's been taking classes and wants to put some of what he's learned about landscape photography and camera settings into practice. I grab my favourite 60mm macro lens and trust I'll find something interesting a little closer to shoot. He crouches down by the

“Lazy” Days of Summer

Whoever described  summer days as “lazy” wasn’t a gardener. I am, and this time of year is far from lazy around here. Yesterday, after an early trip to the garden to water, weed, and harvest, I spent the rest of the morning washing, chopping, and bagging while I sent Gerry out to foist some cucumbers

Photography Practice

It’s windy, so shooting outside isn’t an option for the kind of photography I’m hungry for. Fortunately, there’s a pretty bunch of pink alstroemerias on the dining table that will do nicely. In the past, when I shoot indoors, I’ve liked to work in the woman cave using the natural light from the big north-facing

Teachers and Practice

I came across this photo I captured eight years ago of the bridge at Snoqualmie Falls in WA. I was just starting on my photography journey, and Gerry and I were taking classes at the Green River Community College. I don’t mind telling you I struggled in these classes—well, not so much in the classes

Conflicting Priorities

I’m behind by a couple of tutorials in the Jean Haines Watercolour School I signed up for. They’re interesting, and I’m chomping at the bit to dig in. I need to stake my tomatoes and tend to a handful of other things at the community garden. My desk is a mess. There are Story Circle Network

(Almost) Wordless Wednesday

I want to share a photo I took of the grocery store flowers last week but I can think of nothing to say this morning. Wait. It’s Wednesday. (Almost) Wordless Wednesday. Perfect. (P.S. There’s a new post up on my other blog.) (I’m being quiet now.)

Something Fresh

Often, I take photographs looking out over the ridge where we live to the hills and clay cliffs across the valley. You’ve seen some of them here. Less frequently, I lift my lens toward the south because it’s just not as spectacular. And yet the view from there captivates me in a different way. Early