Oh, My Aching Back

My body is protesting this morning after a busy day outside yesterday helping Gerry put down mulch. I was doing okay until, embarrassingly, I took a bathroom break and twisted my back in the process. Crikey. Anyway, it’s done and it looks great and we’re ready to move on with the next step of removing

Taking the Slow Way Home

Things happen fast. Here in southern Saskatchewan, we went from winter to summer in the about two weeks. On Friday, my granddaughter and I went to Regina for a bit of retail therapy and when we returned a lilac bush next to the driveway was displaying the first green of leaves. In the backyard, other

Garden Time

Just like that, it’s spring! Gerry worked hard over the weekend to get my new raised garden beds ready for planting. He and Makiya raked the back lawn and tidied the beds around the perimeter where we’re waiting and watching to see what comes up. The lilacs are budding and I’m getting itchy to plant.

What a Week

This week has gone by in a blur of both the expected and unexpected, with a healthy measure of good things and a dose of not-so-good. I'm kinda glad it's over. I had a coffee visit with a woman who, as a teenager, lived with my birth sister's family for a few years here in

It’s Sprung

It’s a tad tardy this year, but spring has sprung here in south Saskatchewan. We spend most of the afternoon outside yesterday and it is glorious. The melt is in full force and that means it’s mud season too. I slip and fall  in it when Gerry and I are walking in the field at

It’s Snowing

“Oh, hello!” My first glance out of the window in my office reveals feather-like flakes falling from the sky and a world that is, once again, white. Snow is different here than it was in B.C. It truly is like feathers and, with the addition of prairie wind, drifts are created that look like sculptured

Changing Times

It's the last weekend before the official start of spring. Any way you slice it, in whatever part of the country you live—that's cause to celebrate. Even here in Saskatchewan, we're feeling it. After last weekend's storm (when Cranky Old Man Winter gave his all for one last blizzardy blast), I believe the worst is

A Simple, But Productive, Saturday

It's late Saturday afternoon as I write this. Gerry and I have had a busy day. First thing this morning, I finally organized my art area, thanks to the new cabinets he assembled yesterday. After that, we puttered and organized our downstairs storage rooms, and came away feeling like we had really accomplished something. Then