Here and Now

I finally tended to the carrots we harvested from our backyard garden many weeks ago. They've been resting on the back deck waiting for me to get a burst of energy and turn my attention to them. This morning I brought them in, washed, and chopped some for soup and others for munching, and the

Monday, Monday

I'm having a quiet, albeit busy, Monday morning. With Makiya at school, Laurinda and work, and Gerry out hiking, it's just me, Maya, Murphy (who, incidentally, joined our family one year ago today), and a pretty kitty named Chica who is still adjusting to being a Kamloopsian. Earlier, the dogs and the cat declared a

And so it goes . . .

In the morning, I catch up on Story Circle Network business while Gerry runs errands, then we spend a chunk of the day organizing and rearranging. I make an apple pie, because that’s what you do in October, and while it bakes I brew a cup of soy milky frothy coffee (my first of the day) and

Moving Day

It’s early. I’m the only one up and I’m relishing these moments of quiet before the busy day ahead. Murphy is wrapped in a blanket and snoozing in my arms. I’m surrounded by boxes and things waiting to be loaded into the U-Haul parked in our daughter’s driveway. I’m debating whether or not I should

Happy Birthday, Mom

When someone asks you where you come from, the answer is your mother. . . I did love my mother, but I didn’t know how much until she was gone. Anna Quindlen, One True Thing We talked on the phone almost every day. I’d call her or she’d call me and we’d chat about nothing

Happy Turkey Sandwich Day!

As I lift my favourite mug toward my mouth the handle breaks, spilling soy milky frothy coffee all over myself. That’s a troublesome way to start the day but maybe it reinforces my intention to stop with the soy milky frothy elixir first thing every morning. Maybe. Worth pondering. I’m starting a 16:8 intermittent fasting

Saturday Morning

Gerry and I have been retired for seven years and have grown accustomed to every day feeling like Saturday (except for the retirement gift of not having to go to busy places on the weekend like grocery stores and the like). But now, with a granddaughter in residence, Saturday feels like Saturday again. I’m lingering,