Water, Water, Everywhere

Well, not really. I've been thinking about water conservation lately. It's natural, I suppose, now that we're paying for utilities (as opposed to having them included in our strata fees in B.C.), and water is expensive in Saskatchewan. This is a farming province and rain is precious; it seems wrong to waste. Especially, given the

What a Week

This week has gone by in a blur of both the expected and unexpected, with a healthy measure of good things and a dose of not-so-good. I'm kinda glad it's over. I had a coffee visit with a woman who, as a teenager, lived with my birth sister's family for a few years here in

Open Mic

Back in the old days, when conferences took place in person, I had the good fortune to attend and participate in Story Circle Network Stories From the Heart ones in Austin, TX. In 2010, I was on a panel discussing blogging, and in other years worked behind the scenes. I attended workshops and loved hanging out

Where I’m From

I'm restless today. The project that has consumed much of my time lately, Living Liminal: A Slice of Pandemic Life, is about to be released into the world and I feel at loose ends. Conventional publishing wisdom would have me already switched into marketing mode by this point, but I decided long ago that this

A Simple, But Productive, Saturday

It's late Saturday afternoon as I write this. Gerry and I have had a busy day. First thing this morning, I finally organized my art area, thanks to the new cabinets he assembled yesterday. After that, we puttered and organized our downstairs storage rooms, and came away feeling like we had really accomplished something. Then

Let the Painting Begin!

It’s Tuesday, but feels like Monday. Yesterday was Family Day, and a holiday, here in Saskatchewan and many other Canadian provinces. The girls came for dinner and we enjoyed rousing games of cribbage and Kamloopsopoly before digging into one of Makiya’s favourite meals—African sweet potato stew and naan bread. Every day’s a holiday when you’re

Moose Javians

Gerry and I have been Moose Jaw residents for two months today. This morning, we reflected on what we were doing two months ago at this time and agreed——we were busy! We took possession of our new home at 9:30 a.m. and by the time we got there, our mover was already waiting for us.

Sunday Drive

We miss attending church again this week because neither of us is feeling 100% yet. We're still looking for a home church, had planned to attend a new one today, but a pair of sniffling and coughing seniors isn't the first impression we want to present to a potential new church family. Best we stay