A Day

Gerry brings home two flats of plump, sweet raspberries. I wash and crush some; cook and stir and sweeten them; fill jars with jam and set them in the water bath canner to process. It’s ridiculously cool outside for late June but in the kitchen where I work you’d never know it. While the jam

A Wider View

Gerry spends the better part of the day cutting down tall cedars next to our patio and deck, and tending to the aftermath. It’s a big job done on a hot day and the mosquitoes are merciless. The view from our deck is more expansive this morning, but there’s the issue of looking into our

Spring Salad

In honour of the special occasion, Gerry takes an early morning trip to Costco during senior hour (the first Costco run since early March) to buy feta, and a handful of other things we’ve been missing (And yes. Toilet paper. The first package to come into our home since the madness began.) Now I snip