Monday, Monday

Maya had a restless night which translated into me also having one. She’s been a bit discombobulated since the move, more so since we lost Murphy, so I’m granting her grace. Even so, going outside three times between midnight and 5 a.m. when I finally just got up, is excessive—especially when at least one of


The prompt for writing group this month was CHANGE. I approached it from a little different perspective. I walk up the well-worn wooden steps of the little store on the corner of 7th Avenue and Oxford that’s tacked onto the front of an equally small house. We call it Tom’s because that’s the name of

Living Liminal

I've just ordered a proof copy of my new book. I'm breaking all writer rules and moving forward without using professional editors—a decision I may regret, but, like I said a few days ago, I'm choosing not to immerse myself in those trauma-filled days again. I just want to finish this work and move on.

A New Book?

Early this year, I started working on another book. Here's what I wrote in the draft introduction. There was a saying going around when the COVID-19 pandemic was raging, reminding us that, while we were all weathering in the same storm, we were doing so in different boats. The experiences of people we saw on

A Black and White Photo

After a summer hiatus, our writing group gathered via Zoom yesterday to share what we’ve written to the prompt “a black and white photograph.” Here’s my piece. The 3 x 4-inch photograph is blurry, and the lighting isn’t good. In it, a couple stands in front of a porch covered with vines or garland in a

I’m Ba-ack

I baked the first apple pie of the season yesterday. Today, there's a sauce simmering on the stove made with a batch of tomatoes that have been ripening on my countertop and oregano Gerry just snipped from the backyard garden. I'm wearing socks and long pants and there's no point in trying to ignore the fact

Friday Afternoon

It's early Friday afternoon as I write this and, after a busy morning, I'm ready for a break. Seems like a good time to pop in and say "hello!". I've spent the morning working on Story Circle Network business--wrapping up the blog competition (winners will be announced next week) and getting ready for the poetry

Itching to Garden

There’s been little blip in the garden prep plans as Gerry nurses an injury, but we’ll get there. Today I’m going to experience the sweet aromatherapy of potting soil and start tomato and pepper seeds. My laundry room will morph into a plant room and will remain that way for the next few weeks. It’s