Weekend Randomness

I’m tired. Bone-weary tired. Have I mentioned that lately? Smoke from wildfires has blown in, ushering in gray days that do little to help my weariness. It’s either time to push through or give in. The jury’s still out. We ordered pizza for supper last evening. We had a free one thanks to rewards at

Summer Plans

I liken May to January as a month of making plans and setting intentions. Apart from gardening plans (which are slow in coming as I wait to see what surprises will be revealed in new yard), I like to make personal writing, reading, and other creative plans. I envision lazy afternoons spent in the new

What I Want To Be When I Grow Up

This has been the first real week of spring here in southern Saskatchewan and it’s been a joy to be outside. The sidewalks on our street have been filled with kids on scooters from morning to evening. I watched flocks of geese flying overhead, returning from their southern winter destination. I watched a squirrel run

Open Mic

Back in the old days, when conferences took place in person, I had the good fortune to attend and participate in Story Circle Network Stories From the Heart ones in Austin, TX. In 2010, I was on a panel discussing blogging, and in other years worked behind the scenes. I attended workshops and loved hanging out

Changing Times

It's the last weekend before the official start of spring. Any way you slice it, in whatever part of the country you live—that's cause to celebrate. Even here in Saskatchewan, we're feeling it. After last weekend's storm (when Cranky Old Man Winter gave his all for one last blizzardy blast), I believe the worst is

A Simple, But Productive, Saturday

It's late Saturday afternoon as I write this. Gerry and I have had a busy day. First thing this morning, I finally organized my art area, thanks to the new cabinets he assembled yesterday. After that, we puttered and organized our downstairs storage rooms, and came away feeling like we had really accomplished something. Then

Let the Painting Begin!

It’s Tuesday, but feels like Monday. Yesterday was Family Day, and a holiday, here in Saskatchewan and many other Canadian provinces. The girls came for dinner and we enjoyed rousing games of cribbage and Kamloopsopoly before digging into one of Makiya’s favourite meals—African sweet potato stew and naan bread. Every day’s a holiday when you’re


I’m a morning person. I love the quiet first thing, before the wild things of the day come growling, when I can ponder and pray, read and write. Since I was sick last month, my early morning time has been severely curtailed because I am oversleeping (according to my preference). At first, I thought my