Last evening I did something I’ve never done before. I participated in a workshop with Canadian writer, Sally Ito, in which we collaborated to write a form of Japanese poetry called Renga. I was in a group with three other women, two from Manitoba and one from Alberta. A cross country collaboration! It took me

The Gift of a Writing Group

We’re gathering for our first  writing group Zoom meeting this morning (we met once before to introduce ourselves and set group norms). I’m excited to hear the stories women have written for the prompt, PLACE. Writing group is a wonderful sanctuary where stories are shared and listened to, friendships are formed, and we find a

Teachers and Practice

I came across this photo I captured eight years ago of the bridge at Snoqualmie Falls in WA. I was just starting on my photography journey, and Gerry and I were taking classes at the Green River Community College. I don’t mind telling you I struggled in these classes—well, not so much in the classes

Conflicting Priorities

I’m behind by a couple of tutorials in the Jean Haines Watercolour School I signed up for. They’re interesting, and I’m chomping at the bit to dig in. I need to stake my tomatoes and tend to a handful of other things at the community garden. My desk is a mess. There are Story Circle Network

Random Morning Thoughts

It’s that magical time of year when every day I see new growth in the garden. We’re eating beautiful and delicious lettuce now. I’m going to pull the rest of the spinach before it bolts and use some of it in a lasagne. I thinned the carrots, and am doing the same with the Hakurei turnips,

Word Wrangling

The day starts out gray, which is perfect because I’m planning to write and there’s no siren call of the outdoors to distract me. I decide to work in the den, and settle the dogs first—which turns out to be a challenge because the littlest one, Murphy, wants to claim the spot on my lap

A Writing Group

It’s official. We have a writing group. We hold the first Zoom gathering in which we get to know one another and establish norms, and I come away from the time walking on air. From seeing familiar faces who were in my WA group, those of newer friends, and my daughter. From the sense of


I can’t order proof copies of new unpublished books from Amazon KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing) because of COVID and the fact that I’m in Canada which, of course, in the grand scheme is insignificant but in my little world is an annoyance. It also makes absolutely no sense. I need to get creative to do