It’s gray, damp, and cool this morning—a respite for those who don’t appreciate the heat. A gift of disappointment for me. I appreciate our desert-like summers, relishing time spent outdoors at this time of the year and mourning every day that isn’t hot. Summer is so fleeting. It’s not even summer yet and there are still


It’s an odd little day, Tuesday. Sandwiched between the rushing lions Monday releases and the I-think-I-can determination of Wednesday, Tuesday is an exhalation. We keep appointments, make plans, cross things off our get-stuff-done list, and in it all there’s a sense of everything being Tuesday-ish. I’ll spend the morning in the woman cave blasting rock


I write in the morning, weaving threads and creating tapestry, lost in the process. In the afternoon, I settle into my favourite spot on the deck with a book, and a highlighter, and a Yorkie on my lap. I read slowly—rereading when I realize I’m skimming—setting my book down now and then, when a hummingbird buzzes


At some point, I have to stop accumulating books for summer reading and start reading. Images of hot afternoons spent on the deck are dancing in my mind as the forecast turns from wet to wonderful. This afternoon, I’m going to finish reading my library book and then dive into the eclectic reading feast I’ve


I had hoped to finish the fourth draft of my book-in-progress this week. Instead, I wrestle with the next-to-last chapter for days, fleshing out bones I’ve been tossing around like dice for the past year, and I’m still not ready to move on. It’s good and necessary work. I consider finishing this draft and putting the book

Sweet Saturday

It feels like summer. Gerry’s going hiking and I’m tempted to sit in the lawn swing all day with a book in my hand, a glass of iced tea by my side, and one foot on the ground to maintain a gentle sway. I did that once. I spent an entire Saturday in the yard,


One morning, I’m restless. I go upstairs and stand at the picture window in the living room looking at the greening hills on the other side of the valley. I turn around and go back downstairs to my office. I stand in the middle of the room looking at the mess on both of my