Living in Moose Jaw makes me happy and I feel at peace here. My heart is broken and I’m grieving the loss of my boy, Murphy. These first days of 2023 are paradoxical. I’m reminded of what Frederich Buechner wrote about the paradox of this life in Wishful Thinking. “The grace of God means something

A Good, Good Friday

Never have I enjoyed a Good Friday church service as much as I did the one Gerry and I attended this morning. It's been three years since we sat in a church sanctuary with a group of, mostly unmasked, brothers and sisters in Christ and marked this Holy day by singing, listening to a word

My God, We Are Weary

These nights are restless. Last night I lay awake praying, searching for words, and finally giving up and trusting that wordless heart prayer was enough. This morning I’m thinking of the world my grandmothers lived in, and what it was like for them to say goodbye to their sons who were heading off to fight

Course Correction

It's been a week, hasn't it? Wars and rumours of wars, mandates, "vaccine passports" and the fact that British Columbia is the only Canadian province that has yet to make a commitment to drop the "passports". Government overreach and political rhetoric. Real and manufactured news. The tsunami of information one has to sort through to

God Is Not In Control

At risk of being shunned by some circles in which I travel, I’m going to make a confession.  When faced with adversity, if someone tells me that God is in control, I want to throw up. Just being honest. Not asking for absolution. I could name countless situations in my life, in the lives of


In the middle of the day, I cry. Not a big, blubbering ugly kind of cry, but a tight throat, tears falling unbidden from my eyes cry. It could easily turn into a full-blown weep-fest, but I reign it in for the time being. Even so, the release helps. Crying performs a function; there’s wisdom

A Monday Prayer

Faith is not science. Faith transcends logic as love transcends calculations. Faith is not statistics but a relationship with God that over time makes one wise, not certain. Scot McKnight Lord, keep me from the propensity to want to be right and certain and puffed up with knowledge. Meet me in the mystery. Teach me