Tea Time and the “S” Word

I'm watching the snow level drop on the hills across the valley and the first flakes of white have started falling here. Gerry brought the last of the outdoor furniture inside this morning so we're ready for it. Well, not quite. Our snow shovels and snowblower are in storage in Moose Jaw. When we moved

There’s Always Something

Every day I see or hear something that more or less kills me with delight. Mary Oliver I try to remain present and mindful so those sweet somethings  are foremost in my mind bringing me to a place where gratitude and worship are more prominent than anything else but, truthfully, I could write a different


We harvested the carrots from the backyard garden yesterday. Turns out, it was the best season ever. This beautiful array of orange is all packaged up to be delivered to the local food bank this morning. That’s it for the garden, save for a handful of green onions and the marigolds I’ll leave until we

Taking The Long Way Home

The final module of the art class I took this summer asked us to paint a series. I decided to do something I to hang in my new woman cave when we get to Saskatchewan. First step: choose a palette to work with. I picked a limited palette of phthalo turquoise, Naples yellow, cobalt blue


It's Thanksgiving Day. (Thanksgiving is celebrated on the second Monday in October here in Canada.) There's no smell of roasting turkey, no activity in the kitchen peeling potatoes or roasting Brussels sprouts, no one other than Gerry and me and the pups in the house. Essentially, it's a day like any other and we're fine


The move we're making from Kamloops to Moose Jaw brings with it a downsizing the likes of which we've never done before. Oh sure, with every move Gerry and I have made over the past 23 years of our married life, there's been sorting and culling of things, but there has also been an underlying

School’s Out

Yesterday afternoon, we attended the Moving On ceremony for our granddaughter's Grade 7 class. The kids were in high spirits as they should be. Finishing elementary school is an occasion worth marking—for Makiya, her mama, and, this year, Gerry and me. We did it. We shepherded our granddaughter through seventh grade and made the required

It’s Windy

It’s windy again. I stand at the living room window and watch trees sway and silver whirligigs I put in the garden to discourage the white crested sparrows from nibbling on seeds and seedlings spin wildly. Yes, it’s windy. Again. This has been a different kind of spring. Cooler than normal temperatures and relentless wind

A Shock of Green

Early in the morning, before anyone else is up in the house save for me and my tiny Yorkie, I stand at the window in the den and look out over the cul de sac. Lawns and trees are greening up and the most daring among us (read: me) have planted annuals in pots. The