“Lazy” Days of Summer

Whoever described  summer days as “lazy” wasn’t a gardener. I am, and this time of year is far from lazy around here. Yesterday, after an early trip to the garden to water, weed, and harvest, I spent the rest of the morning washing, chopping, and bagging while I sent Gerry out to foist some cucumbers

And so it goes . . .

I tucked bean seeds in the ground where we harvested the garlic a few days ago. There’s still plenty of growing season ahead for a second crop. Meanwhile, I’m picking yellow, green, and purple beans from the first sowing. I tried something different by planting a mixture all together. I won’t do this again because

Clear Skies

In the afternoon the smoke clears and we go outside in the backyard just because we can. Gerry cleans and refills the birdbath. Murphy walks the perimeter of the fenced area again and again. Maya does her best  to encourage us to go inside because her belly tells her it’s dinner time. And I take

Friday’s Fave Five – July 16

It’s felt like a heavy week with the concern about fires and the oppressive smoke blanketing our city. Can I come up with five things? Maybe I need to try more than ever this week, so here goes. Blueberries. My favourite summer fruit is in season and, unlike raspberries which were burned by the extreme

Beautiful and Terrible

The smoke is so thick we can’t see the hills on the other side of the valley. After being outside for a while, my head aches and my eyes burn. We take the dogs out for one last sniff around the backyard before bed and I am struck by the brilliance of the sun in

Fire Season

Now we watch the weather forecast for signs of much-needed rain or, worse, lightning. We check the news to see the status of existing fires and how many have started since we last checked. We watch planes and helicopters fly overhead, fighting war against fires burning all over the province. We lift our eyes to the

Roll Kuchen

It’s become a summertime tradition ever since I was blessed to enjoy the Mennonite treat with cousins for the first time a few years ago. Roll kuchen. It’s made with a simple dough, deep fried, and served with watermelon and Rogers Golden Syrup. The recipe I use is written on an index card that says


The wildfire season has barely started. We’ve had unprecedented record-breaking heat. A provincial campfire ban is in place until October. City parks are closed. The town of Lytton, B.C. Has been 90% lost to fire. The Kamloops Fire Chief says that “We are at risk here and are asking everyone in Kamloops to take extreme

Canada Day

Waking with a heavy heart given last evening’s reports of Lytton, a nearby village and Canadian hotspot, suffering catastrophic damage from fire. Reports say residents had about ten minutes to get out after the fire started. The videos I’ve seen this morning are heartbreaking. Record-breaking heat, tinder dry forests, lightening strikes, and now heavy wind.


Here we go heading into another blistering day. The forecast high is a toasty 46C / 115F. That, and maybe thunder and lightening which will be bad news for our tinder dry province. Wildfires are already burning out of control nearby. Last evening, when it was still 47C / 117F, I cooked an egg in a