Sunday Drive

We miss attending church again this week because neither of us is feeling 100% yet. We're still looking for a home church, had planned to attend a new one today, but a pair of sniffling and coughing seniors isn't the first impression we want to present to a potential new church family. Best we stay

Sick Days

It's been quiet around here and remains so as we've both been sick. Days of doing nothing but sleeping or, when we felt marginally better, binge-watching all ten episodes of 1883 (one of the prequels to the Yellowstone series which we have yet to see).  Symptoms change as the virus reveals its many facets. Laurinda

A Grand Saturday Afternoon

On another gorgeous sunny big sky Saskatchewan afternoon, Makiya and I go to Regina for a bit of birthday shopping for her. It’s a gorgeous drive—about an hour from Caronport, where I pick her up at her home, to Regina. I’m smitten by the prairie scenery, of course. But more so by the conversation we

A Shared Hobby

It’s cold, but not bone-chilling cold (-16C / 3F). It’s not windy, and that makes all the difference. It’s sunny and gorgeous, so Gerry and I grab our grown up cameras and hop in the car to see what we can see. Prairie roads don’t disappoint. The Wakamow valley doesn’t either. Truth be told, even

Tea Time and the “S” Word

I'm watching the snow level drop on the hills across the valley and the first flakes of white have started falling here. Gerry brought the last of the outdoor furniture inside this morning so we're ready for it. Well, not quite. Our snow shovels and snowblower are in storage in Moose Jaw. When we moved


It's Thanksgiving Day. (Thanksgiving is celebrated on the second Monday in October here in Canada.) There's no smell of roasting turkey, no activity in the kitchen peeling potatoes or roasting Brussels sprouts, no one other than Gerry and me and the pups in the house. Essentially, it's a day like any other and we're fine

Home Alone

I love my family and I also love my solitude. Right now,  Laurinda is at work, Makiya and Gerry are at the gym, and I'm home alone with the dogs. I danced a little jig when the last one was out the door. The dryer is running and, save for the tap-tapping of my fingers

NOW, it’s Spring

The weather yesterday was glorious, and today promises to be even warmer. There’s no frost in the long-range forecast and I believe we’ve finally crossed over into full on spring. Hurray! Taking advantage of the beautiful sunny afternoon (after Gerry hiked in the morning and I painted), we tended to some things around the yard