Anything But Ordinary

It's been a busy week. Gerry has worked hard to put down mulch in our front perennial beds, which involved sorting weed from plant and disposing of the former first. The beds look great. I'll share photos after more than just columbine is in bloom. The backyard is ready for serious work we're planning to

Seniors Gone Wild

An afternoon with no commitments and Gerry and I head off to explore. With coffee in hand, I direct the way to where we’re going and, later, my adventuresome husband takes us down dusty prairie roads we think will lead us eventually back to Moose Jaw. (They do. Eventually.) It’s a lovely afternoon, just the two

Summer Plans

I liken May to January as a month of making plans and setting intentions. Apart from gardening plans (which are slow in coming as I wait to see what surprises will be revealed in new yard), I like to make personal writing, reading, and other creative plans. I envision lazy afternoons spent in the new

Not a Bad Gig

This is the view from my car every afternoon around 3:25 p.m. when I join the line of cars waiting to pick up kiddos from school, now and for the foreseeable future. Caronport is about a 20-minute drive from Moose Jaw. Every weekday afternoon I am presented with a choice: go up memory-laden Main Street

Where I’m From

I'm restless today. The project that has consumed much of my time lately, Living Liminal: A Slice of Pandemic Life, is about to be released into the world and I feel at loose ends. Conventional publishing wisdom would have me already switched into marketing mode by this point, but I decided long ago that this

Friday’s Fave Five – March 3

Every evening this week when I close the curtains in my west-facing woman cave, I have seen two bright planets. A little research tells me they are Jupiter and Venus. I’m not especially interested in astronomy but, as with many things in the natural world, the appearance of the two brilliant lights so close to

Moose Javians

Gerry and I have been Moose Jaw residents for two months today. This morning, we reflected on what we were doing two months ago at this time and agreed——we were busy! We took possession of our new home at 9:30 a.m. and by the time we got there, our mover was already waiting for us.

A Windy Monday

The prairie wind is a-blowin' today and that, paired with a mild temperature, is doing a job on getting rid of the snow. It's tempting to believe spring is right around the corner but it's not, of course. Will we have another blast of winter in the form of bone-chilling cold and blowing snow before

Sunday Drive

We miss attending church again this week because neither of us is feeling 100% yet. We're still looking for a home church, had planned to attend a new one today, but a pair of sniffling and coughing seniors isn't the first impression we want to present to a potential new church family. Best we stay

Sick Days

It's been quiet around here and remains so as we've both been sick. Days of doing nothing but sleeping or, when we felt marginally better, binge-watching all ten episodes of 1883 (one of the prequels to the Yellowstone series which we have yet to see).  Symptoms change as the virus reveals its many facets. Laurinda