Memento Mori

Gerry and I grab our cameras and head to a park. He's been taking classes and wants to put some of what he's learned about landscape photography and camera settings into practice. I grab my favourite 60mm macro lens and trust I'll find something interesting a little closer to shoot. He crouches down by the

Thoughts In the Drive-Thru

I’m in the drive-thru, behind a long snake of red taillights, waiting to place my order. These days I never know if an establishment is open for dining in or if there are other rules in place I’ve lost track of since I stopped force feeding myself a steady diet of news. The drive-thru is


I thought by now life would have resumed much of it’s pre-2020 look and feel. That’s what the provincial “restart plan” told us, anyway. Instead, I feel like I’m in an old movie where the walls are slowly closing in around me. It’s heavy and it’s getting heavier and now we’re heading into the dark months.


It feels like Friday, but it’s Wednesday (I almost said Tuesday. That’s how out of sync I feel.) I finished reading another good book last night (Cilka’s Journey by Heather Morris) and now I’m on the prowl for my next read.) The more I stay at home, the less desire I have to go out.

Five Minute Friday – Possible

I’m joining in with a group of writers for Five Minute Friday where we’re given a prompt (this week it’s POSSIBILE) and write for five minutes about it. We did it. We survived something we never dreamed possible: lived through a year like none other in our lifetime, one fraught with deep potholes and crazy


Man, I am tired. Weary, yes, of the din of news cycles and media of all kinds, but the weary in my mind has morphed into something physical. I wake unrefreshed after a full night’s sleep. My body aches with pain I struggle to identify. It’s there, but where? Everywhere? Nowhere? What kind of pain?