Thinking Deeply. Pondering Much.

What's the difference between deep thinking and overthinking? My granddaughter and I had a conversation about that yesterday afternoon. Overthinking can take us to a dark and unproductive place where we struggle to find momentum. We play and replay conversations and situations and imagine different outcomes. We wobble and change our minds, refusing to commit

The Wisdom Years

Mesmerized, I watch the snow blow across the surface of the frozen river. In the distance, a small animal runs across the ice toward the shore. A fox, maybe? Downriver a short distance, there's an office building on the opposite shore. I worked there a lifetime ago but it's owned by a different business now.


In the middle of the day, I cry. Not a big, blubbering ugly kind of cry, but a tight throat, tears falling unbidden from my eyes cry. It could easily turn into a full-blown weep-fest, but I reign it in for the time being. Even so, the release helps. Crying performs a function; there’s wisdom

Still Heavy. Still Hopeful.

I’m working on a project I started at this time last year but had to set aside for the sake of my mental health. It’s a long work looking back at 2020 from the perspective of a retired grandmother (aka: moi). I’m revisiting blog posts, journal entries, and the like. It’s heavy work. I’m struck

Do You Hear What I Hear?

It’s Monday. The first day of the first week of the new year but it doesn’t feel like Monday. New Years Day was on Saturday so today is a quasi-holiday and while I’m hungry for routine, we’re not there just yet. At least we’re past the turkey-eating stage and there’s just a few more shortbread

On the Way Home

I’m praying as I’m driving. I often do. Alone in my car, I whisper petitions and, sometimes, speak aloud the longings of my heart for those I love. More often, my prayers are deep and silent, offered in the fugue-likeness of autopilot driving. Today, I’m praying for someone I love who is struggling, reminding the

Now It is Winter

Good morning. We are still five days away from the official start of winter, but, for all intents and purposes, it has arrived and settled in. As I write this, Gerry is out front with the snowblower for the first time this season and other neighbours are clearing snow from their driveways. The sound of

Teachers and Practice

I came across this photo I captured eight years ago of the bridge at Snoqualmie Falls in WA. I was just starting on my photography journey, and Gerry and I were taking classes at the Green River Community College. I don’t mind telling you I struggled in these classes—well, not so much in the classes