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I planted a first sowing of peas in my community garden plot this week. Here at home my tomato seedlings are just starting to get their true leaves. I’m spending too much time on Pinterest gathering ideas, planning, and dreaming of gardens. My day and night dreams are filled with all things garden-related.

Part of our assignment for the Be Still – Fifty Two class this week is to print some of the photographs we’ve been taking and then use them in some new photos. I’ve got some ideas, but need to print some photographs before I can try them out. I don’t know about you but I take many photographs but print very few.

2015-03-26 Garden Planning-1

Since I didn’t have any of my printed photographs available this afternoon–my self-proclaimed Photography Practice Day–I decided to do something a bit different. Taking inspiration from my teacher Kim Klassen, and other talented photographers I’ve been following on Flickr and Instagram, I captured some simple images that reflect what I’m focusing on these days. I tried a square crop for a change–it does give a different feel, doesn’t it?

2015-03-26 Garden Planning-1-2

Nothing fancy, just simple photographs reflecting my simple garden dreams.

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I’m behind.

It started with having to compile information to provide to our accountant in preparation for tax time. Our returns are complicated as we had a foot in two countries last year. I’ve got a handle on it now but it took a few days of sequestering myself in my office to get my head above water.

Our home is quiet today in contrast to the busyness of the past few days as we enjoyed a visit from my daughter and granddaughter. A house is never so silent as it is after a grandchild leaves. I’m still adjusting to the quiet again.

As a result of the extra time I needed to devote to tax preparation, and the special time spent with family, I fell behind in my weekly lessons from the Be Still – Fifty Two class. I’m not sweating it . . . looking forward to catching up though.

This morning I grabbed a couple of simple things from the kitchen to play with light sources per the current lesson. I’m fascinated by how the mood of a photograph can change depending on where the light is coming from.

Light Source Experimentation-1-2

Here are three simple photographs where the light is coming from three different directions that illustrate the lesson. There’s no right or wrong, just a subtle difference.

Light Source Experimentation-1-3

This got me thinking about how we, as individuals, can perceive the same circumstance in completely different ways. It kind of does depend on where we see the light coming from, doesn’t it? We can choose to see the positive or the negative in any circumstance and, in making that choice, change how we experience it and impact potential lessons we may learn by going through it.

Light Source Experimentation-1

Interesting, isn’t it? I love how there are lessons for us everywhere if we slow down long enough to see them and, more importantly, learn from them.


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